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The data and information generated across each phase of your project is critical to moving your entire project team across the finish line on time and on budget. Unfortunately, limited access to certain platforms could leave you with blind spots and an increased risk of making a costly mistake. Even if you have access to all the programs and platforms being used across the project, how much time do you really want to spend searching for the information you need and then wondering if you are looking at the current version.

There really are no winners in this scenario.

ProjectReady is bringing teams together and streamlining workflows across the industry’s leading software solutions with integrationsndesigned to make collaborative project information management easier than ever.

Autodesk BIM 360

Connecting Autodesk Build, BIM 360, and PlanGrid to ProjectReady provides design teams greater integration into project files and workflows across entire projects. Furthermore, when those who don’t own Autodesk use ProjectReady to pull Autodesk content into their own systems, like Procore and SharePoint, the entire team gains greater viability and control over vital project information. With this connector, users can:

  • Establish connections and governance across Autodesk Build,  BIM 360 and PlanGrid for your project in fewer than five minutes.
  • Connect content from BIM 360 and other connected systems (including SharePoint, Box, and Procore) to create, distribute, and track document control workflows.
  • Deliver instant cross-platform governance when you set up roles in ProjectReady.
  • Real time synchronization of content from Autodesk BIM 360 to SharePoint for superior document management practices.
  • View and take action on issues in Autodesk BIM 360 & Issues & RFIs in PlanGrid.
  • Automate the creation of tasks from Autodesk and centrally manage the project in ProjectReady.
  • Answer and respond from either system while an automatic log compiles information in Azure SQL.
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The connection between Bluebeam and ProjectReady empowers project team members to collaborate on markups in the Bluebeam Studio and then turn around and quickly upload documents to close the loop when it comes to managing submittals and RFIs. This connector delivers: 

  • Seamless integration with ProjectReady’s content cart functionality to instantly move large files throughout the project for review and approval.
  • Auto-generated audit logs and one-touch reporting.
  • Instant storage of ad hoc Bluebeam Studio Sessions for easy reference.

Learn more about ProjectReady’s Bluebeam integration.

BlueBeam Studio Integration | PIM For Designers | ProjectReady | ProjectReady


ProjectReady’s Box connection provides additional content management, collaboration, and file-sharing solutions while ensuring ongoing transparency across the entire project team. This connection allows users to:

  • Automatically create and connect Box to your project in less than five minutes and automate connection to the different platforms being used on your project.
  • Connect content housed in Box to other connected systems, such as SharePoint, Procore, and BIM 360, to create, distribute, and track document control workflows across the entire project’s lifecycle.
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Microsoft 365

ProjectReady is the only product on the market that truly understands and leverages the entire Microsoft 365 tech stack, which improves real-time collaboration, streamlines communication, and drives greater results on every project you provision. By connecting Microsoft 365 to ProjectReady, your entire project team will benefit by being able to:


  • Build, secure, and connect SharePoint & Microsoft Teams for your project in fewer than five minutes.
  • Customize your SharePoint project sites to meet the unique needs of the project, and manage security at every level automatically when you establish roles and permissions in ProjectReady.
  • Collaborate within a dedicated Microsoft Teams project channel and schedule, move, and edit Teams meetings within the platform – keeping all meetings and communication in context of the project.
  • Drive greater collaboration with outside contributors with confidence thanks to SharePoint’s licensing solutions.
  • Automatically synchronize data from Autodesk Build, BIM 360, PlanGrid, Box, and Procore to SharePoint.
  • Powerful Outlook Add-Ins make it easier to register email and attachments to the project, deploy document control workflows from your inbox, and assign tasks to team members in context from Outlook. Learn more about our powerful email management functionality.
  • Generate custom reporting with Power BI.
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Find out why AEC professionals have such a hard time using M365 tools, like SharePoint and Outlook, in the context of a project … and how to make a complete 180.


Construction and design teams can work more effectively with the ProjectReady connector. In just a few clicks, submittals and RFIs are off to be reviewed, committed on, and approved on quickly to ensure that your project moves forward and bottlenecks are avoided. The seamless transfer of information between ProjectReady and Procore means users can:

  • Instantly provision new Procore project sites and instantly connect to other third-party systems on a project.
  • Easily sync content from Procore and other connected systems, including SharePoint, Box, and BIM 360 to create, distribute, and track document control workflows.
  • Trust in the documents they review thanks to the real-time synchronization of content from Procore to SharePoint.
  • View and take action on submittals and RFI generated in Procore quickly thanks to immediate alerts generated within the ProjectReady dashboard.
  • Work on Issues in Procore and Autodesk simultaniously, in real time with ProjectReady’s new Work Bridge feature.
  • Automate the creation of tasks from Procore and centrally manage the project in ProjectReady.
  • Answer and respond from either system and trust that your information has been automatically logged into Azure SQL.
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