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Putting Owners In Greater Control


Take Ownership Of Your Project’s Content

As a project owner, you are responsible for paying the bills and taking on the risk associated with the projects you commission. So why does it seem like you have the least amount of visibility and control of the content and services you’ve paid for? 
At each phase of a construction project’s lifecycle, your project team is producing volumes of content. Unfortunately, you are unlikely to see any of it until it’s time to wrap up and sign off. ProjectReady is a proven gamechanger because it finally puts owners like you front-and-center of your own project – effectively increasing your visibility and control.  

Better Project Management & Insight For Construction Project Owners

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Automated Synchronization 

Live document and file synchronization between SharePoint and leading construction platforms, including BIM 360 and Procore, ensures you are always armed with the most current information, designs, and data. 

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Streamlined Communication

Organize, file, and search through conversations, emails, updates, RFI responses and more – all within the context of a single project – to ensure you are always in the loop at each phase of the project’s lifecycle.

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User-Friendly Dashboard

Easily monitor the progress of your project, effortlessly drill into key performance indicators, and identify areas of potential risk before real problems arise with an intuitive, user-friendly dashboard. 

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Ball-In-Court Functionality

Track the decision-making process, bottle-necks, and ensure deadlines are met to do your part to move the entire construction project closer toward a successful completion and, ultimately, closeout. 

But Wait, There’s More 

In addition to the four key features outlined above, construction project owners who use ProjectReady are blown away by our product’s many other features, including:

    • Day-one content approval capabilities 
    • Advanced managed communication  
    • Push-button control infrastructure 
    • Secure and speedy set-up 
    • Automated governance 
    • And so much more … 
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    Ready To Take Ownership Of Your Next Construction Project? 

    If you’re looking for a tool that will give you a high-level overview of your next project while helping you minimize risk and maximize your ROI, schedule a demonstration today with a ProjectReady pro. Simply tap on the button below to let us know you’re interested. A member of our team will then reach out to coordinate your free, no obligation demo at a time that works best for you.