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The built world consists of many important players. Architects, engineers, and construction professionals bring complex ideas to life. Project owners provide the necessary oversight, investment, and representation necessary for a project to proceed within the greater ecosystem. But for a project to be truly successful, the entire AECO industry must be able to work together seamlessly. For optimal oversight, accountability, and profitability, construction management software solution is essential.

ProjectReady is in the business of empowering construction project owners. We do this by providing owners and their representatives and advocates (which might include program managers, construction managers, and project managers) with the integrated data environment necessary to promote governed collaboration, oversight, and accountability. 

Your Key To The Construction Project Software Ecosystem

When it comes to the types of software used to manage the project, there are many to choose from and each team has a preferred common data environment (CDE). From those who depend on using the Autodesk Construction Cloud to manage project information originating in Autodesk Build (formerly BIM 360) and PlanGrid to those who prefer Procore for construction management – AEC professionals can become pretty passionate on this subject. But what about the project owners who need to maintain the own copies of project information – from bid to closeout – but would just as happily use SharePoint as their preferred content repository? As an all inclusive construction management software solution, ProjectReady truly brings the construction project software ecosystem together in a way that lets everybody work in their preferred software while continuing to promote collaboration and communication.

Construction Program Management Software

Construction Management Software That Empowers Project Owners

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On The Same Page With File Sync

Live document and file synchronization between SharePoint and leading construction 
platforms makes BIM 360 document management a breeze while ensuring Procore and Autodesk users are always on the same page.

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Project Team Collaboration | Construction Management Software | ProjectReady | ProjectReady

Construction Communication

Extending construction management to the outlook inbox, where most collaborative project information management takes place organically. ProjectReady connects all systems on a project, email management is powerful and practical. 

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Dynamic Dashboard | Construction Management Software | ProjectReady | ProjectReady

User-Friendly Dashboard

Monitor the progress of your project or the entire program, effortlessly drill into key performance indicators, and identify areas of potential risk before real problems arise with ProjectReady’s easy-to-use dynamic interface.

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Ball In Court | Construction Management Software | ProjectReady | ProjectReady

Project and Program Oversight

Don’t get left in the dark on the project. ProjectReady lets project owners see where essential operational and administrative tasks are and whether action needs to take place to ensure compliance and accountability.

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More Construction Management Insight

ProjectReady CEO Joe Giegerich and Head of Development Shaili Modi-Oza discuss numerous construction management topics and provide insight into ways construction managers and project owners can improve collaborative project information management on the ProjectReady podcast. In addition to gaining insight from industry thought leaders in the areas of technology and innovation, listeners can take away practical tips to drive immediate improvements.

Check out some of our recent episodes in the player below. If you like what you hear, please subscribe to our podcast on iTunes or anywhere else you listen to podcasts.

Construction Management Software For Project Owners

If you’re looking for a tool that will transform the way you use technology and data and maximize efficiency and oversight of your construction programs. Fill out the form below and let our team show you how we ProjectReady can empower you and your team with the latest cloud-based project information management solutions and technologies for collaboration, communication, interoperability, and project controls.