What Is CPIM?

Collaborative Project Information Management Solution For AEC Industry Professionals

What Is PIM & How Can We Do Better?

A lot has changed since project information management (PIM) software was introduced 20 years ago. Today, project teams need to do more than just compile information across different systems. Team members need to know that they can trust the information that’s being compiled. Regardless of where it originated and by whom, they need to be able to easily find, access, and collaborate on the information in the context of the project. Today, traditional PIM software is not enough. Today’s built environment needs a collaborative project information management solution – or CPIM. 

Collaborative Project Information Management For Construction

Traditional project information management (PIM) has been defined as a software solution that unifies project data and email across a variety of applications, platforms, and storage locations to allow users to easily find and access information necessary to fuel better decisions and keep projects on track. Collaborative Project Information Management (CPIM) goes further. CPIM emphasizes the importance of the entire project team and their ability to trust the information on a project – regardless of where it originated. The trust and transparency required for collaborative project information management originates within an integrated data environment (IDE), which deploys process over the platforms project teams use every day.  

Collaboration is key for successful delivery of building projects in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) sector. Innovative project delivery approaches developed over the past two decades envision new ways of collaborating and specifically aim at improving the performance of and value generated by this key economic sector.

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Construction Management and Economics , Collaboration Through Innovation: Implications For Expertise In The AEC Sector

The construction industry faces many challenges, many of which directly impacts the bottom lines of every team working on an AECO project. This infographic shows how much American construction companies are losing as a result of poor data management while pointing to the importance of collaboration and trust. Check it out to learn more about the importance of collaborative project information management software - ProjectReady | ProjectReady

Wondering what’s at stake if you get your project information management strategy wrong? The infographic above demonstrates the fallout of antiquated project information management practices. Read on to learn why your modern PIM solution should put “collaboration” front and center. 

PIM Software Power-Up … CPIM

Emphasizing the importance of trust and collaboration will position AECO firms to take the steps necessary to identify meaningful solutions to systematic challenges that continue to plague the industry, such as missed deadlines and budgetary overruns. Furthermore, a secure collaborative project information management software solution, or CPIM, allows project teams to move beyond the shortcomings of traditional, outdated project information management software while arming their teams with tools that promote innovation. 

The evolution of PIM goes beyond the traditional view of project information management. It puts people, collaboration, security, and governance front and center. This modern mindset, which takes advantage of modern cloud solutions and brings them together to create a best of breed solution, recognizes that project teams work better together and get more done efficiently when collaboration occurs in real-time, communication is effortless, and project information can be trusted.  

ProjectReady’s CPIM Software Unites Point Solutions, Deploys Security And Governance, And Facilitates Collaboration To Keep Projects Moving Forward

Industry leaders agree “connected construction” is necessary – yet silos persist. Only today, in addition to traditional silos, project teams that regularly span multiple locations, firms, and disciplines, now have “super silos,” to contend with as well.  

In the quest to create a solution that can bring the entire AECO together across the lifecycle of the project, some of the largest project and document management companies in the world introduced common data environments (CDEs) as a means to connect all players on a project. The only catch is, for the CDE to work and collaboration to occur, the entire project team has to agree on which CDE to adopt. Naturally, this type of solution is ineffective when different firms and companies on a team prefer to work within different CDEs.  

The solution to “connected construction” does not lie in any single common data environment. Rather, true connected construction occurs within an integrated data environment 

ProjectReady’s integrated data environment (IDE) is designed to deploy an essential process layer across different CDEs and other point solutions to effectively deploy the cross-platform, role-based security and governance necessary. As a result, trust takes root across all members of the project team. In doing so, universal trust in project information is achieved, meaningful collaboration can occur, and transactional data is secured to reduce the risk of disputes and litigation.  

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Collaborative Project Information Management Solution For AECO Professionals | CPIM Improves Collaboration Through Integration | ProjectReady | ProjectReady

“ProjectReady offers the siloed construction industry a connective tissue, simplifying the flow of data and enabling communication to be made through industry-specific workflows.”

Josh Cheney, Customer Outcome Executive, Autodesk Construction Cloud

“ProjectReady is another step towards connecting siloed workflows between project teams, including owners, general contractors, specialty contractors, and design teams. This integration will provide an opportunity to improve efficiency and transparency as our industry continues its digital transformation.”

Kris Lengieza, Senior Director of Business Development, Procore

Unlock Progress, Improve Productivity

ProjectReady’s collaborative project information management solution takes a modern approach to the PIM software of 20 years ago. Now you can create an environment where your entire project team can connect, communicate, and collaborate in the context of the project to drive progress, improve productivity, reduce risk, and achieve profitability. 

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