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Connect Your Software Ecosystem

Keep team members and stakeholders on the same page and in possession of a single source of truth with ProjectReady’s construction program management solution, ReadyConnect.

Connectivity & Synchronization

Program, construction, and project managers have a whole lot more on their plates than maintaining schedules and budgets. They are responsible for the oversight of a vast and ever evolving ecosystem of data and information.

To truly provide effective oversight, construction management professionals need a way to eliminate software silos to ensure the timely synchronization of data and information. ProjectReady’s ReadyConnect deploys process over platform to effectively bring the entire software ecosystem together.

ProjectReady’s ReadyConnect program management solution allows users to connect multiple Autodesk Construction Cloud hubs and Procore companies as well as multiple SharePoint sites within the same tenant.

  • Eliminate duplicate data entry and rework.
  • Reduce errors, lost information, and risk.
  • Retain ownership of your project information.
  • Improve accessibility and productivity.
  • Realize greater value from the systems and CDEs you already own.

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A Single Source Of Truth
 | ProjectReady Automatic synchronization of content between systems, including Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC), which includes Autodesk Build (formerly BIM 360), PlanGrid, Procore, SharePoint, and Box; and between multiple Procore instances and ACC hubs (yours, your partner’s, your client’s, and others on a project) and SharePoint sites.


Improved Visibility
 | ProjectReady Greater visibility and traceability on in flight information across projects and at the program level.
Centralized & Governed Access
 | ProjectReady Quick, easy, and governed access to connected systems, project information, and document control workflows for improved communication across team members and stakeholders.

We Love Making Connections

ProjectReady’s cloud-based construction project information management software is the go-to solution for large civil engineering projects and enterprise-level companies with large portfolios. In addition to facilitating the connection necessary to sync documents and drawings between systems like Autodesk Build, BIM 360, Procore, PlanGrid, Box, and SharePoint; Program Management introduces the ability to sync content and data between Autodesk Construction Cloud hubs, Procore companies, and SharePoint sites within the same tenant. Request your free Program Management demonstration today.

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