Email Management

Email: Another Document That Must Be Managed

ProjectReady’s Email Management Solution Makes Project Email Management Easier

Even though your organization may have policies and procedures designed to govern the way your team creates, manages, and collaborates on project information, people are creatures of habit and will choose the “easy button” every single time. 

In the world of construction, email is the easy button

ProjectReady’s Outlook integration is what allows you to filter through the noise of your inbox and capture vital project information, in context.

Scroll down to discover how we make email (and the entire M365 ecosystem) work better in the context of the project.

Document Control For Email

ProjectReady Outlook Add-Ins | Document Control | Project Information Management | ProjectReadyEmails and their attachments are documents that need to be controlled like any other document, and the information in them is part of the project record that needs to be easy to find and collaborate on.

Document control is the application of process, via workflow, to the content you must manage as part of the project – which includes email. Emails and their attachments in your inbox might include an inbound request for information or a request for a change order. Alternatively, an email might include a task that you or a member of your team needs to follow up on or an attachment that needs to be registered to the project record. The ProjectReady Add-In extends our document control suite, DCNext, to your Outlook inbox and connects the vital workflows you use every day in a way that makes sense.

The ProjectReady Add-In requires no additional set-up overhead from IT and provides you with the following functionality:

  • Manage RFI
  • Manage Change Order Request
  • Create Task
  • Register Content
  • Manage Submittal
  • File Email

Connect & Attach

Sometimes you just need to send a customer or vendor project documents via emails. The problem, however, is that on an AEC project what needs to be attached and sent is everywhere.  Different documents in different libraries in SharePoint and Teams, documents in Autodesk BIM360 or ACC build, Plangrid, Box and Procore.   

Getting all of that together is labor intensive and a waste of your time. In fact, you might not even realize how much time and money your team is burning with every email that’s sent out. (And. if you care to find out, we’ve provided you with an informative calculator below.)

Using ProjectReady’s “Connect and Attach” solution, you can now pull together multiple pieces of content from across all your connected systems, add what you need to ProjectReady’s Content Cart, and send the entire package out as an email. In just a few clicks you can now send attachments from wherever content is stored.   

Search & Report On Email

Email has a lot of variables. From simply associating email and attachments to the project record to extending email content to the document control process, you need to be able to understand the context of the email and generate reports in context of the project.

With ProjectReady, all essential connections are made at the onset of the project. Because we add and capture metadata across our rich set of features and tie it all back to the project, means you can generate unique and comprehensive reports. And with all that data stored in your Azure SQL, you gain the ability to quickly click and grab the SQL query of what you are looking at and easily bring the data into PowerBI to generate beautiful, information-rich reports.

With ProjectReady, you gain powerful search and reporting functionality out of the box. But for those who are looking to go even further, ProjectReady provides the tools necessary to gain even greater value from your existing tech investments – including Microsoft 365.

What Will You Do With All The Time & Money You Will Save When You Manage Email With ProjectReady?

ProjectReady cuts the time your team spends filing, searching for, and sending out to others on the project. Without the burden of administrative overhead, your team is able to use their skills to tackle the high value work you hired them to do in the first place.

Not only will ProjectReady pay for itself in as few as 45 days, the improved productivity will further strengthen your bottom line.

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