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Information That Drives Action

Trade Clunky And Outdated For Dynamic And Modern

If you were asked to make a phone call, would you choose to pick up a vintage rotary phone or would you pull out a smart device that allows you to conference, share photos, launch video, and bring other tools into the conversation to drive greater efficiency.

Core to ProjectReady’s mission is to deliver an experience that’s modern and intuitive while provide users a single source of truth – where the right information comes together and can be acted upon. The culmination of our effort can be seen on your project’s home page in ProjectReady. More than a dashboard, the information presented is actionable and can be used to fuel rapid and informed decisions. 

ProjectReady gives project teams the modern, dynamic interface they deserve, making it easier than ever to: 

  • Find the exact content related to the project across systems. 
  • Know, and easily contact others, on the project team. 
  • Synchronize content across platforms and systems.
  • Manage day-to-day operations pertaining to team members, security, metadata, etc. 
  • View and act on critical project metrics and financials. 

Today’s world moves at a rapid pace and technology that fails to keep up is at risk of going the way of rotary phones, dial-up internet, and on premise servers. 

Discover What A Dynamic Interface Looks Like

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Team Collaboration | Dynamic Interface | ProjectReady | ProjectReady

Team Collaboration

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Informed Action

Traditional dashboards allow you to quickly view vital project KPIs, including budget baseline, budget hours, project health, and other financial information. ProjectReady goes beyond traditional and allows you to interact with tasks, document control responsibilities, key financial information, and central control management of the projects settings, security and team. Not only do you gain a birds-eye view of the project, you can quickly drill down to discover bottle-necks, risk factors, and whether or not the system is working appropriately. 

Plus Easy Connectivity

It’s not always easy to remember which systems or content are affiliated with a specific project – especially if you have to juggle a large portfolio of work. ProjectReady’s chain link is a game changer. We connect all systems in play on a project in context to make accessibility and connectivity fast and simple. In doing so, the need to log in and out of software over and over again is eliminated – helping save time and reduce mistakes. With the ProjectReady chain-link, you can immediately access project-specific content in SharePoint, Teams, Outlook, M365 group mailbox, Procore, Autodesk Construction Cloud, PlanGrid, and ACC and BIM360. 

ProjectReady Dynamic Interface | ProjectReady
ProjectReady Dynamic Interface - Project Team

Improved Team Collaboration

ProjectReady’s builds off our directory so, on any project, you know exactly who is involved, what their role is, and how to contact them. Furthermore, project managers have full visibility into how the team is doing and, right from the project task, instantly create a Microsoft Teams meeting in the context of the project.

Digging further into ProjectReady’s native integration with Microsoft Teams, project team members can easily enter the project’s dedicated Teams channel directly from ProjectReady’s dynamic interface where, users will also find a ProjectReady-specific tab waiting to further streamline efforts. 

Project Settings

Projects vary from one to another and can even change many times across a project’s lifecycle and phases. Such dynamic changes are inherent and ongoing and can traditionally take a lot of time to address. ProjectReady deploys automation to make managing these changes easier, faster, and secure. 

We give you the keys to everything at the beginning so you can quickly adapt to circumstances beyond your control while maintaining best practices to keep your project organized, searchable, and profitable.

From the ProjectReady Dynamic Interface, easily manage: 

  • Team members – Add and remove people on the project as they come and go for ongoing management of team members and automatically apply security.
  • Metadata – At both the project and portfolio levels. 
  • Project Settings – Set granular settings that allow you to control document control formats, the synchronization of documents across systems, and more. 
    ProjectReady Dynamic Interface - Settings
    ProjectReady Dynamic Interface - Search

    Powerful Search

    ProjectReady’s captures every transaction and related information over that which our process is being applied. Our powerful search is in the context of the project and the collaborative activities that occur within the project and where the content is located across the systems we connect, including SharePoint, Procore, Autodesk Construction Cloud, BIM360, PlanGrid, and others.

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