More Control, Reduced Risk, Greater Profitability

ProjectReady is a modern, user-friendly solution to project information management (PIM) developed specifically to address the real-world challenges AECO professionals face every day.

What We Do

ProjectReady bridges the common data environments, platforms, and systems builders, designers, and owners use to manage construction projects of all sizes. Giving you the tools to:

    • Build new projects in a matter of minutes while eliminating the dependence on IT.
    • Manage project team members and establish roles-based permissions – individually or across the enterprise.
    • Associate emails with documents and people in the context of a specific project.
    • Quickly zero in on the status of RFIs, submittals, change orders, action items, and more
    • Facilitate easy sharing of documents and files across internal and external project team members.
    • Collect vital information associated with content transactions for improved transparency and accountability.
    • Intuitively apply metadata at the document, file, and project level, to make it easier to find the right information at the right time.
    • Run robust reports instantly while providing an array of filters that allow users to introduce as much, or as little, granularity as needed.
    • Bridge and automate workflows that allow multiple internal and external team members to view, weigh-in, and approve content and requests.

How We Do It

By adding a robust process layer that spans all the platforms, systems, and common data environments involved on a project, ProjectReady introduces the improved transparency and accountability necessary to improve collaboration on a project.

To date, our cloud-based solution deploys nearly 1,000 APIs, webhooks, and native M365 functionality to bring your ERPs, CRMs, CDEs, and more together in the scope of a project, which provides you with a true bird-eye view of the status of your project.

Additionally, because ProjectReady is truly a process layer designed to track the transactional data that flows through the system – not the content itself – you can trust that your intellectual property will always reside with you, within your native systems. Now, you and your external and internal project teams can comfortably collaborate on project information regardless of where it originated.

ProjectReady currently integrates with the entire Microsoft 365 tech stack, including:

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Teams


Power BI

While we continue to introduce additional AECO-specific integrations, ProjectReady already facilitates integration with:


    Autodesk Construction Cloud

    BIM 360




    Want to bring in your financial and business information from external systems?

    No problem, we connect to the industry’s favorite ERP systems.

      QuickBooks Online


      Microsoft Dynamics

      Sage Intacct

      Why You Need It

      ProjectReady delivers all the functionality you need and expect from a truly modern project information management solution – and more.


        • Improve productivity across the entire project team.
        • Save time logging in and out of multiple systems over the course of your day.
        • Realize greater value from the systems you already own.
        • Reduce your reliance on IT for SharePoint setup and project management.
        • Improve response time with automated alerts and workflows.
        • Better project visibility to help keep costs down and resources properly allocated.
        • Reduce risk of litigation through improved transparency and accountability measures.
        • Quickly find emails, documents, and more with advanced search capabilities.

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