Construction Management Software That Facilitates Collaboration

Project teams are creating, sharing, reviewing, and revising more content than ever before across a wider range of AECO software solutions. It’s no wonder so much time is being wasted searching for lost documents and drawings or duplicating data across platforms. Rather than offering AECO industry professionals yet another silo, ProjectReady got to work building a way to allow existing systems on a project to work better together. The result is our unique collaborative project information management solution. Today, the AECO industry has a construction management solution that bridges the many silos that exist across AECO projects.

A New Approach To All Inclusive Construction Management Software

Our solution is an Integrated Data Environment (IDE), which introduces improved collaboration functionality that works alongside a vital process layer and modern, user-friendly interface to improve your existing project information management (PIM) process. By providing teams with more control over their projects and improving transparency at each phase of the project, we can help you realize greater profitability, reduced administrative overhead, and help you achieve maximum ROI from your existing tech investments.

What We Do: Construction Project Information Management

ProjectReady integrates people, platforms and processes. In doing so, builders, designers, and project owners can collaborate better for improved construction management on projects of all sizes.

ProjectReady gives users:

  • A single pane of glass solution built within a dynamic interface to take informed action while improving the way information is managed and collaborated upon across CDEs, phases and stakeholders,
  • The ability to automate project setup across systems and CDEs while deploying cross-system governance and repeatable standards – helping eliminate the administrative overhead felt by your skilled professionals and IT professionals.
  • The ability to manage project team members, tasks, and more across your entire portfolio with roles-based permissions in ProjectReady and Microsoft 365.
  • A powerful Outlook Add-In that makes it easy to associate email and attachments with projects, kick off connected workflows, assign tasks, and more – all in the context of a project. 
  • The means to quickly zero in on the status of document control workflows such as RFIs, submittals, change orders, and action items.
  • Control the review and approval of documents across systems and across internal and external project team members.
  • Full history, searching and reporting of all content and workflow transactions.
  • Master document registers with your metadata on content across systems.
  • Robust, comprehensive and project wide reporting built on a scalable taxonomy.
  • Bridge and automate workflows that allow multiple internal and external team members to view, weigh-in, and approve content and requests.
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Why You Need Cloud Based Construction Project Information Software

A lack of communication and trust in the information everyone uses in a project means mistakes, rework and cost. Of course it also means you are wasting valuable time and money trying to make sense of all the moving documents and information on a project.

ProjectReady delivers process over platform and creates an Integrated Data Environment (IDE) so you can:


  • Automate tedious IT heavy functions related to the setup and connection of a projects common data and reduce IT overhead by 96%,
  • Create a collaborative project information management environment across systems, platforms, stakeholders and phases.
  • Reduce rework by having access to real time content and information and making sure information is appropriately shared across the team.
  • Work fully in the cloud, with no reliance on hardware or hosted “black box” solutions.
  • Use best of breed CDE’s and platforms and get more value from the systems that you already own, including Autodesk Construction Cloud solutions like Autodesk Build, BIM 360, and PlanGrid, as well as Procore, Microsoft 365, Box, and others – without introducing yet another silo
  • Search across systems on content that has been collaborated on in the project.
  • Save 80% of the time it takes to manage the document control process.
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Collaborative Project Information Management For Construction Management

By adding a robust process layer that spans all the platforms, systems, and common data environments involved on a project, ProjectReady introduces the improved transparency and accountability necessary to improve collaboration on a project. As a result, users gain an excellent construction management solution that delivers tangible results.

To date, our cloud-based construction software deploys nearly 1,000 APIs, webhooks, and native M365 functionality. Because of these connections, ProjectReady is able to bring your ERPs, CRMs, CDEs, and more together in the scope of a project. Consequently, you gain a comprehensive view of the status of your project information management efforts.

Since ProjectReady is a process layer designed to track the transactional data that flows through the system – not the content itself – you can trust that your intellectual property will always reside with you, within your native systems. Finally, you and your external and internal project teams can comfortably collaborate on project information regardless of where it originated.

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