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ProjectReady delivers collaborative project information management software solutions to those in the architecture, engineering, construction, and owner (AECO) industry. In fact, with so much data and information created, shared, and collaborated on during the entire project lifecycle, project teams need to access and work on project information in a way that is user friendly and modern. We did not pioneer the PIM software category. However, over many years and countless conversations with AECO professionals frustrated with their existing outdated PIM software, ProjectReady set to work to develop a cloud based construction management software solution that truly puts the user experience front and center. 

Maybe you’re looking for a better BIM 360 document management solution. Or perhaps you are need to improve the way your team works with SharePoint for construction management. ProjectReady improves AECO industry productivity because we are passionate about building “bridges” between the platforms and systems used on projects everywhere – every day. 

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The Integrated Data Environment (IDE)

What Is Collaborative Project Information Management (CPIM)

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About ProjectReady

ProjectReady is a cloud based collaborative project information management (CPIM) solution that brings data and information together to empower professionals in the architecture, engineering, construction (AEC) space as well as project owners. In doing so, ProjectReady:


  • Makes project data and information easily accessible across different internal and external platforms and systems on a project. Our integrations include M365, Procore, Autodesk Construction Cloud, and others.
  • Allows teams to deploy automation and apply governance to their system integration strategy.
  • Eliminates duplicate data entry and time wasted due to searching for information across platforms.
  • Reduces labor costs, delays, rework, budget overruns, safety issues, and the likelihood of litigation.

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Reduction of IT Administration & Cost


Reduction in Time Managing Information & Document Control

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Our Mission

To unlock process over platform solutions that empower AECO professionals to build better together.

Our Vision

To be the essential conduit between the digital tools designers, builders, and owners use every day and the digital tools efficient, productive, and more profitable businesses depend on to develop a transformative and sustainable new world.


How We Improve The Way Project Teams Collaborate On Project Information

First, we aren’t just building an AECO software solution for the sake of it. And we certainly have no intentions to just “set it and forget it.” We are constantly building and evolving to solve real problems faced by professionals in the AECO industry.

Because we work together with our customers, we’re able to tap into evolving technological advancements across leading platforms, cutting-edge software solutions, and improved user experience infrastructure. This allows us to identify forward-thinking, intuitive solutions. As a result, we address challenges in a way that’s practical, meaningful, and revolutionary across the AECO.

Our team of best-in-class developers are constantly introducing new features, making updates, and meeting with customers and industry leaders to ensure that we are always hitting the mark. Collaboration is central to what ProjectReady brings to the table. In fact, it’s how we work everyday and it’s how we will continue to grow.

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What Matters To Us

We are passionate about breaking down the silos that still exist within the construction and infrastructure space through the introduction of an Integrated Data Environment (IDE). Through the promotion of improved communication and collaboration among designers, builders, owners, and others on a project teams, more efficient workflows, and automated processes, we believe ProjectReady will drive the continued advancement of tomorrow’s built world. Because, after all, we’re all in it together.

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