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An Infusion Of Innovation For Document Control

ProjectReady’s commitment to connected collaboration across project teams is the fuel that drives DCNext™, an innovative, retail-centric document control solution. With DCNext, essential document control functions and responsibilities are as easy as filling out a guided form and adding the content you need from connected systems to our easy-to-use Content Cart.

Easily register content to the project from Autodesk Construction Cloud solutions like Autodesk Build (formerly BIM 360) and PlanGrid; Procore; Microsoft 365 solutions like SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft Outlook; Box, and others. Route documents around for review and approval. Submit, track, and monitor RFIs, Change Orders, Submittals, and Transmittals. And collaborate on project information in real-time with M365 and Bluebeam Studio integrations.

How We Improved Document Control For The AEC

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Bluebeam Integration | Document Control | DCNext | ProjectReady | ProjectReady

Bluebeam Integration

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Connected Workflows

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Outlook Integration

Not all emails are equal, and within an AEC project there is a need to add metadata, produce reports, and find and search on project emails quickly and with confidence. Email messages and their attachments must be controlled in context of critical workflows, followed up on in a timely manner, and created quickly without resulting in an unnecessary burden on your day. ProjectReady has successfully unlocked M365 group email for the AEC.

At a high level, ProjectReady makes it easy for team members to:

    • Register email and attachments to projects and connected systems.
    • Extend document control workflows to the inbox.
    • Convert emails to project tasks for team members, complete with due dates.
    • Add metadata to email content to facilitate search and reporting.
    • Pull together content from across connected systems quickly within a user-friendly dynamic interface, attach selected content to an email message, and send the content directly from ProjectReady’s Connect & Attach solution.
    • Search and report on emails in the project and across your portfolio.

ProjectReady's Bluebeam integration allows teams to collaborate on documents in Bluebeam studio sessions as part of the document control solution, DCNext. | ProjectReady

Bluebeam Studio Integration

The AEC frequently uses Bluebeam to work together on projects and, with ProjectReady, it’s now easier than ever to launch Bluebeam Studio sessions as part of the Content For Review workflow with DCNext. Simply open the document you and your team needs to review, launch a new studio session, collaborate and save. Your revised or redlined version of the document you were working on is saved back to the appropriate library.

ProjectReady users also have the option to launch new Bluebeam Studio sessions directly from ProjectReady outside of a workflow. This method allows users to route new content to the appropriate library, capture metadata, and save commented versions of your documents.

Connected Workflows

At the end of the day, workflows are a form of structured collaboration. In fact, we believe that “workflow” and “collaboration” go hand in hand while allowing one workflow to easily flow into the next – without duplicate data entry. DCNext allows customers across the AEC to work and collaborate on content like contracts and drawings in a way that makes sense while keeping efficiency and productivity top-of-mind.

Then, as the need presents itself, easily move content from one workflow to another without having to enter information in again, search for and select content multiple times, reapply metadata, and more. For example, with DCNext, you can register a request for information quickly, assign it out to be reviewed, and then change order request – all while capturing comments, sending out notifications to the appropriate team members, and moving the project forward efficiently. 

Those working across Procore and Autodesk have even greater functionality thanks to ProjectReady’s Workbridge. Our tool actually allows teams to collaborate in different systems on the same RFIs – going even further to eliminate duplicate data entry while allowing team members to work in the system they prefer.

ProjectReady works to eliminate duplicate data entry with connected document control workflows. | ProjectReady
DCNext gives users the ability to bring content in from any connected system, including email, and easily facilitate one of the following pre-baked, user-friendly workflows:

    • Register Content – A structured way to formally recognize documents, apply metadata, and and begin other document control workflows
    • Review – Allows the selection of documents from connected systems for review and comment across the project team
    • Approvals – Lets users select documents from connected systems for review and, ultimately, approval of authoritative content
    • RFI – Allows you to manage inbound and outbound requests for information
    • Submittal – Lets users upload emails and attachments for approval and facilitates distribution and closure
    • Change Order Requests – Captures documentation and maintains a record relevant to inbound change order requests

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Stop wondering if you or others on your team are working with the most current information. Instead, start synchronizing content from one system to another and put your mind with ease.

With ProjectReady, users can easily sync content from one system to another. An easy-to-use wizard guides you through the mapping process, which allows folders, documents, and data to instantly flow across the content management systems your team depends on to store project information. Content sync ensures that everybody is always working from the most recent version of a document at any given time.

With ProjectReady, you can easily map folders and files across the Autodesk Construction Cloud, including Autodesk Build (formerly BIM 360) and PlanGrid; Procore, SharePoint, and Microsoft Teams.

Sync Across Multiple Autodesk & Procore Tenants

Need to sync content from a vendor’s Procore or Autodesk instance to yours – or vice versa? Do you have multiple teams on the project running their own Procore tenants? Or do you need to move content from one SharePoint library to another? 

With the release of ProjectReady’s Program Management, we are empowering teams to make connections that have never before been possible. 

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