Automated Project Setup

Bring People, Platforms, and Processes Together - Instantly

Systems, Sites, And Security Set Up And Connected In Minutes

Construction management projects are easier and more efficient with ProjectReady. That’s because we allow you to bring the team’s people, platforms, and processes together in minutes, enabling connected collaboration at the very beginning of the project. Supported by a modern user interface and repeatable processes, ProjectReady is easy to use and navigate. Read on to discover how ProjectReady makes it easier than ever to ensure the right people have the right access to the right information – all without needing to enter a helpdesk ticket or burden IT.

Managing Construction Projects Is Easier With ProjectReady

Data Integration

ProjectReady integrates critical project information from your company’s accounting, ERP, or CRM system at the onset of the project. In addition to the project name and ID, users can bring in hundreds of additional data points. This structure forms the basis of a data warehouse for a vastly improved construction management experience.

Whether your team uses popular AEC software solutions like Autodesk Construction Cloud or Procore, or solely conducts project information management processes within M365 and Box, ProjectReady’s ability to connect and integrate systems on a project gives users the infrastructure and processes necessary for truly collaborative project information management that persists and protects beyond closeout. 

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Automate Project Setup Across Platforms

ProjectReady extends the value of your existing tech investments by bringing people, platforms, and processes together in the context of the project. Give your team access a fully functional collaborative project information management platform in as few as five minutes.

    • Create a new projects from scratch or from a connected ERP, CRM, or accounting system.
    • Connect to existing project sites in Autodesk or Procore or create new project sites in these platforms with consistent metadata.
    • Deploy project-specific SharePoint site templates pre-loaded with proper library structures and roles-based security.
    • Launch a project-specific Microsoft Teams channel and group mailbox to keep conversations and incoming project information organized.
    • Associate internal and external team members to their role on the project.

Once the project is up and running, project team members can start taking advantage of ProjectReady’s full menu of features, including connected workflows, content sync, the Outlook Add-In, program management, and more.

Common AEC Industry Challenges Solved With ProjectReady

ProjectReady uniquely solves common challenges associated with systems regularly used to create and manage project information. Click on the buttons below to learn more about our unique Autodesk and Procore integrations as well as how ProjectReady finally allows project teams to manage project information within SharePoint for construction differentiation. 

Automated Project Setup Includes Robust Security & Governance

You already own the right tools, now you just need them to integrate with each other in a way that’s intuitive, secure, manageable.

Enter ProjectReady.

Using your existing Azure Active Directory, the ProjectReady application introduces proprietary APIs to apply specific security and governance rules to each user’s role on the project. Once roles are assigned, users are free to move across the connected systems while ensuring that only the right people have the right granular permissions required to view, edit, and manage specific content.

And because people and roles change frequently during the lifespan of a project, ProjectReady allows users to manage security and governance on a project throughout the duration of the project on both an as needed basis or in bulk by using our unique Enterprise Team Management feature.

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Moreover, every action and interaction on the project is tracked and recorded in your Azure SQL database, which means you always have an audit trail of when changes to security were made and who made the changes. This information and more is always easily accessible to you long after the project has been completed. With ProjectReady, you are always in control. 

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Construction Management Collaboration Software

Collaboration is dependent on connections, which is why ProjectReady drive facilitates collaboration through system integration.

When you build your project with ProjectReady, your connections are in place immediately, which is the hallmark of our Collaborative Project Information Management (CPIM) solution. In addition to your existing M365 tech stack, we connect and facilitate collaboration between Procore; Autodesk Construction Cloud assets, including Autodesk Build (Formerly BIM 360), PlanGrid, Bluebeam, Box, and others.

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