Collaboration Through Integration

The Process Layer Teams Depend On To Collaborate More Efficiently

When Multiple Systems Are In Play Across The Project

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Collaborative Project Information Management Is What Binds Them Together

What Project Teams Gain With An Integrated Data Environment

ProjectReady’s Integrated Data Environment (IDE) brings together the different platforms and systems used by various team members on a project and applies a process and governance layer that facilitates transparency and accountability, which makes trust and collaboration across the project lifecycle possible.

With an IDE, teams gain the ability to:

    • Automate the creation and security of SharePoint.
    • Create documents in seconds or on a schedule.
    • Sync content across systems.
    • Apply governance across platforms by role.
    • Generate real-time audits and reports .
    • And more …

As your project’s essential process layer, an IDE ensures that the right team members have the right access to the right information at the right time, which is essential for effective collaboration across internal and external platforms and systems.

Read on to discover the value ProjectReady provides and how our IDE brings platforms and systems together to improve trust, transparency, governance, and ROI.

What Is Possible With An Integrated Data Environment

Rather than create another silo in an already overly-siloed industry, our developers set to work to bridge the silos that already exist. Our solution binds together tools your team already owns, knows, and loves. ProjectReady’s IDE is the process layer you can’t afford to work without.

Learn more about the features and functionality an integrated data environment makes possible when you click on the images below.

Instant Content Synchronization | Single Source Of Truth | PIM Solution | ProjectReady | ProjectReady

Content Synchronization

Automated Cross Platform Workflows | PIM Solution | ProjectReady | ProjectReady

Cross-Platform Workflows

Advanced Document Control | PIM Solution | ProjectReady | ProjectReady

Document Control

projectready email management | ProjectReady

Email Management

Master Metadata For Better Search | PIM Solution | ProjectReady | ProjectReady

Master Metadata

Simple Project Administration | PIM Solution | ProjectReady | ProjectReady

Project Administration

Instant Status Reports | Robust Reporting | PIM Solution | ProjectReady | ProjectReady

Robust Reporting

Role-Based Security And Governance | PIM Solution | ProjectReady | ProjectReady

Role Based Security & Governance

Document Generation | ProjectReady

Document Generation

Who We Help

ProjectReady distills project information across the platforms and systems you use everyday, including SharePoint, BIM 360, Procore, the Autodesk Construction Cloud, Bluebeam, PlanGrid, and others, to provide your project team with the tools, security, and governance they need to be more efficient, improve collaboration, and drive more effective decision making. ProjectReady is an ideal solution for any organization struggling to manage projects across various platforms and solutions. But, we provide unique value to professionals across the AECO.

Read on to learn more.

Better Projects Are Built With Better Project Information

Our cloud-based collaborative project information management platform drives results at each phase of the project through an Integrated Data Environment. Discover how we bring it all together.

Discover The Benefits Of Governed Cross-Platform Collaboration

Cross-Platform Governance

Project data and information is easily accessible across a variety of platforms and systems while automation and governance manages streamlined integration of people, platforms, companies.

Repeatable Processes

Repeatable automated workflows guided by a pre-determined system of governance transcends platforms to facilitate collaboration and buy-in of key stakeholders across the project team to keep the project moving forward regardless of platform.

Common UX Across Systems

Built with the end-user in mind, our common user interface is easy to use and empowers employees to maintain a high-level of understanding, efficiency, and productivity on the job without the need to learn new systems with every new project.

Automated Auditing & Reporting

Our built-in audit structure sources data and information activity across platforms in real time to easily generate timely, in-depth reports at a moment’s notice.

Clean Data

Improved automation and synchronization reduces the time employees spend on brute-force data entry upwards of 96% and helps produce the clean data necessary for better decision-making.

Reduced Risk

Improved collaboration, transparency and auditability across project teams reduces risk of litigation, rework, and downtime.

Enhanced Control & Efficiency

With Microsoft 365 and SharePoint for construction projects, users gain a secure and easily accessible repository for project data while maintaining control of where information is shared, with whom, and to what extent. Advanced sync features streamline updated information and increased collaboration and communication flows through Teams.

Scalability & Reduced Cost

Greater efficiency of your team members drives complete ROI in fewer than 60 days while long-term revenue gains is realized with the introduction of inexpensive cloud-based storage that supports unlimited users & projects and integrations with leading construction management software solutions help you realize greater value of your existing software investments.

Always Developing. Always Growing.

Not Another Project Information Management Platform – A Wholistic Project Solution

The evolution of civilization is reflected in the infrastructure around us. Breathtaking advancements in architecture, engineering, and construction have fueled greater efficiency, greener solutions, and new forms of beauty world-wide. As the construction and infrastructure industries usher in tomorrow’s built world, ProjectReady is committed to providing the AECO with the modern solutions they depend on to build a better future for everyone.

Here's What Others Are Saying About ProjectReady

“ProjectReady helps us save time by eliminating the time-consuming process” 

Here's What Others Are Saying About ProjectReady

“A powerful tool combining industry-standard project management processes with the flexibility needed to adapt to our company’s workflows.” 

Here's What Others Are Saying About ProjectReady

“We think your prices are high value and low cost to projects… this collaboration platform would be first of its kind for our ADG P3 industry.”  

ProjectReady Partners (2) | ProjectReady

Here's What Others Are Saying About ProjectReady

“ProjectReady offers the siloed construction industry a connective tissue, simplifying the flow of data and enabling communication to be made through industry-specific workflows.”  

ProjectReady Partners (2) | ProjectReady

Here's What Others Are Saying About ProjectReady

“ProjectReady is another step towards connecting siloed workflows between project teams including owners, general contractors, specialty contractors and design teams. This integration will provide an opportunity to improve efficiency and transparency as our industry continues its digital transformation.”   

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