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New Release Extends Automated Construction Project Site Setup To Procore, Removes Additional Administrative Overhead

White Plains, NY — Building on the success of its automated project setup feature for Microsoft 365, leading provider of collaborative project information management software for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) projects ProjectReady, in partnership with Procore Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of construction management software, announced users can now automate Procore site creation as part of the solution’s Automated Project Setup functionality. This solution further simplifies setup and connection of multiple project systems, platforms, and common data environments (CDEs) while reducing administrative overhead and rework.

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“With so many systems in play on a single project, requiring different professionals to set up their project in different platforms can get redundant,” said Joe Giegerich, ProjectReady CEO. “We are giving users a streamlined user experience and a single access point for administration of the various sites and systems on a project. Automating the setup of the technology a project team needs to collaborate and communicate on project information, like Procore, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, and Outlook, saves time and resources.”

ProjectReady’s automated Procore site setup solution offers an unparalleled level of efficiency and convenience for AEC professionals and project owners. By eliminating manual site creation tasks, the new feature empowers project teams to focus on core responsibilities while removing administrative overhead, accelerating project timelines, and increasing productivity. According to Shaili Modi-Oza, head of development at ProjectReady, when automating setup of Procore and its connection to other project platforms with ProjectReady, all systems in play will have the same project ID, same metadata, and a singular process that ensures everything matches delivering a scalable taxonomy and a single source of truth as it relates to project information across platforms.

Automate Procore Site Setup For Maximum Project Consistency

Automated Procore site provisioning with ProjectReady gives project teams a seamless process for setting up new projects, Modi-Oza continued. In fewer than five minutes, a project team can gain access to a project-specific site in Procore, a secure SharePoint site, Microsoft 365 group email address, Microsoft Team, and instant connectivity to other systems in play, including Autodesk Build™, Autodesk BIM 360™, PlanGrid™, BOX, and Bluebeam.

ProjectReady also allows users to deploy and manage security and governance at the project and portfolio levels, collaborate across connected workflows, and sync content across all connected systems.

For more information about ProjectReady’s Procore Integration, please visit or contact Abigail Kanellakis at or 914-301-7699.

Learn More About The Benefits Of Using ProjectReady Alongside Procore

Click on the button below to download the “ProjectReady For Procore Users” informational sheet. You can also schedule a free demonstration to learn more about the Procore integration.

Procore Users Can Improve Efficiency, Reduce Administrative Overhead With ProjectReady

  • Automates the setup of Procore project sites, in conjunction with M365, and instantly connects Autodesk Build, BIM 360, PlanGrid, SharePoint, Teams, and Box for complete interoperability at the onset of a project.
  • Ensures all projects across connected systems are bound together with a unified project ID, metadata, and the scalable taxonomy necessary for the delivery of a single source of truth across all project team members.
  • Facilitates document control workflows within Procore and across all connected systems.
  • Eliminates duplicate data entry by allowing users to synchronize content to and from Procore project sites. Plus, allows team members to work on RFIs, issues, and more in Procore and Autodesk simultaneously.
  • Speeds up the process of sending project information via email by reducing time spent searching for files across connected systems.
  • Register email messages and attachments directly to Procore libraries.
  • Easily report on project information and gain workflow visibility across systems.

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From bid to closeout, ProjectReady’s collaborative project information management (CPIM) solution facilitates connection, communication, and collaboration across AEC team members and owners on a project. ProjectReady’s integrated data environment (IDE™) provides a governed framework upon which people can work together on project information while reducing rework, errors and risk to achieve better project profitability.

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