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A Collaborative Information Management Solution That Keeps Your Next Project On Schedule & On Budget

Your role as the contractor cannot be understated. There are countless moving pieces at any given time and it’s your job to ensure that it all runs like clockwork. Not only do you need to be informed, but you also need to be able to set the appropriate cadence to ensure that the project is always moving forward and that you’re on schedule to meet the assigned deadlines and budget. ProjectReady gives contractors a birds eye view that empowers them move project forward quickly and more efficiently. 

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Your Data

Access relevant information across the project, including emails, designs, markups, and more, from a central repository.

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Your Assignments

Dig into the assignment at hand, across all phases of the project, schedule meetings, and record, store, and share key information.

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Your Reviews

Know what’s going on and where the project lies at any point in time to ensure efficient management of crew members and reduce downtime.

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Your Peace-Of-Mind

Secure communication across all team-members means everybody, including subcontractors, are all rowing in the same direction.

How We Do It

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We Connect Teams Across All Platforms

ProjectReady integrates data, documents, and more across the many platforms commonly used by AEC professionals. By tapping into the tools design and build teams are already using, including Microsoft 365, Autodesk Creative Cloud, Procore, and others, we have developed a resource that facilitates improved efficiency and empowers contractors to meet, if not exceed, expectations,

Seamless Communication

Your role in the conversation is crucial and you should have access to key pieces of information shared across the project. By bridging the gaps that traditionally exist between platforms and software, ProjectReady helps develop improved lines of communication and collaboration across the project. This knowledge benefits everybody and helps you make the decisions necessary to keep the project moving forward.

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True Cloud-To-Cloud Functionality

Great things happen on the job site every day, and if you can connect to the cloud, you can capture, compile, and share information with others on the construction team. As the only truly cloud-to-cloud solution that fully understands and leverages the Microsoft 365 stack, ProjectReady empowers users to tap into a secure framework from anywhere.

Unleash The Power Of Automation

Don’t let administrative work, double data entry, and antiquated manual processes get you down. By implementing a series of automated processes and governance, you can now enjoy reduced administrative costs, faster reviews, and fewer errors. Now you have more time to do the work you really enjoy.

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A Better Job Site Is Built In The Cloud

Watch ProjectReady In Action

ProjectReady leverages cloud technology to drive improved collaboration, greater efficiency, and greater ROI across the AECO.

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