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Whether you’re new to the ProjectReady family and are looking for some basic guidance to help you along, or you want a better understanding of how ProjectReady works and thought a FAQ page would be a good place to start; you’re in the right place. We’ve compiled some frequently asked questions to provide you with the clarity you need to make your next project a success.

How Does ProjectReady Work?

ProjectReady creates and manages repositories in users’ platform of choice to ensure that teams across the project can collaborate in the context of a single project. Cross-platform security and governance is fully automated throughout the project’s lifecycle.

How Do I Get Started With ProjectReady?

If you’re ready to start your ProjectReady journey, the first step is to meet with a member of our sales team to go through a quick demonstration, which will allow us to gain insight into your team’s specific challenges and how ProjectReady can address them. Click here  if you’re ready to schedule the call.

How Long Will It Take To Get Up And Running With ProjectReady?

In as few as two weeks, your entire team can start using ProjectReady to manage their current workflows and we will be there to answer any questions you may have to help you and your team unlock the power of ProjectReady every step of the way.

How Long Will It Take For ProjectReady To Provision All My Integrated Systems?

Once you’ve set up ProjectReady within your organization and your programs of choice have been integrated into the ProjectReady system, you will have the ability to build out new projects with automatically-generated, fully-secured and governed repositories in only three minutes. (Seriously, we’ve timed it!)

How Do I Know If ProjectReady Will Help Me On My Next Project?

If you’re interested in ProjectReady, but aren’t entirely sure it’s the right fit for you and your team’s current workload, we would be happy to walk through the decision-making process with you. We know ProjectReady won’t be the ideal solution for everybody, which is why we prefer to work hand-in-hand with our prospects to determine if our product adds the value they’re looking for or if another solution would better fit their needs. Feel free to request a meeting with our sales team to discuss.

What Systems Does ProjectReady Integrate With?

We are adding more integrations daily depending on the needs of our customers. Currently, our growing list includes Autodesk BIM 360, Autodesk Construction Cloud, PlanGrid, Bluebeam, BOX, Microsoft Azure AD, Microsoft Azure SQL, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Power Apps, Procore.

Does ProjectReady License Systems Like SharePoint, BIM 360, Box, Or Procore On My Behalf?

No. ProjectReady does not license systems on your behalf. Instead, ProjectReady uniquely unifies the systems you are comfortable using every day, whether they are competing systems or not, and adds value by streamlining connection between them to drive improved collaboration across project teams throughout the entire project lifecycle.

What Happens If I Decide To Stop Using ProjectReady?

Because ProjectReady uses our customer’s existing data systems, if you choose to discontinue use of ProjectReady, your data will continue to reside with you. Only ProjectReady-specific features, like our document control, project management, and cross-platform security, will no longer be available.

Are Customized ProjectReady Training Programs Available?

Absolutely! We are committed to helping you drive success in your organization, among your team members, and on every project you undertake. We will work alongside your team to determine the best training approach to fit your needs.

In addition to offering customized training programs to our customers, we host an expansive LMS to help you gain a better understanding of the product. We are also happy to create customized training videos, host webinars, and facilitate live Q&A sessions. Contact us today to learn more.

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We hope these frequently asked questions were helpful, but we also know that your questions are as unique as your organization and the challenges you face daily. We would be happy to go over any questions you have at a time that works for you. Complete the form below and a ProjectReady Professional will be in touch.