Greater AECO Project Collaboration Happens In The Integrated Data Environment

Collaboration Through Integration:
How To Integrate Your Common Data Environments

Project information management spans multiple platforms and phases. And while an individual phase may have its own common data environment (CDE), to truly make sense of the project across its complete life cycle, you need a system of systems – an Integrated Data Environment (IDE).

By seamlessly connecting the data, platforms, and common data environments (CDEs) deployed from one phase to another, ProjectReady delivers a truly centralized and collaborative way to manage your projects, maintain a system of governance, and execute exceptional document control solutions. Click here to learn more about how an IDE makes Collaborative Project Information Management a reality for architects, engineers, construction professionals, and project owners.

An Integrated Data Environment Is a cloud-based construction project management solution for the complex AECO industry. It makes connected construction a reality by allowing users to deploy integration, automation, and synchronization across the platforms traditional used for operations and project management.

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Why Adopt An Integrated Data Environment As Part Of Your Collaborative Project Information Management Solution?

There are many great reasons to deploy an IDE on your next project. Here are some of our favorites.

Cross-Platform Governance

    • Self-service automation functionality effectively reduces IT administration costs by 95% across the entire project.
    • Connect, and govern SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, BIM 360, Procore, Box, and Autodesk Construction Cloud solutions like Autodesk Build, BIM 360, and PlanGrid. instantly.
    • Easily manage access and permissioning across project platforms and projects across your construction project management portfolio.

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Complete Ownership Of Your Content And Data

    • Capture and manage RFIs, submittals, approvals, and more from third-party systems back to your preferred content repository.
    • Easily upload and register content to the appropriate platform.
    • Automate coversheets, audit trails, and logs.
    • Report, search, audit, schedule, track and manage your content quickly and efficiently – reducing the time you spend on document control by at least 76%.

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Multiplatform Document Control

    • Automated synchronization, and archival, of content regardless of where it originated.

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Improved Project Visibility

    • View and manage project tasks and financial wellness across multiple platforms in a single view.
    • Promote project transparency and accountability from a single dashboard.

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Superior Collaboration Across Internal And External Team Members

    • Scalable layer of governance to ensure safe and effective communication across platforms, project phases, and organizations.
    • Integrated collaboration driven by Microsoft Teams.

Comprehensive Search Functionality

    • Easily find and access information across email, tasks, platforms, projects, and content within the context of your project.

Transparent Workflow And Better Auditability

    • True connectivity and storage of information allows users to always have complete access to a single source of truth across the entirety of the project.

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