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Studies from McKinsey Global Institute, KPMG, Autodesk, and Dodge Data & Analytics, and others continue to report issues related to projects coming in over budget and behind schedule. And it’s worse for megaprojects, which are almost always falling short of expectations (98% over budget and 77% behind schedule). ProjectReady was designed to address these challenges by offering solutions that efficiently move projects from bid to closeout on time and on budget.

By focusing on improving collaboration across project teams and implimenting solutions that introduce automation into vital workflows while keeping everybody in sync, the ProjectReady platform has been proven to improve efficiency, productivity, and reduce risk. Keep scrolling to check out a few ROI calculators to discover how ProjectReady is helping project teams deliver projects on time and on budget while also helping users achieve greater value from the tools they already own.

“ProjectReady helps us save time by eliminating the time-consuming process of having to go look for the content we need.”

Harish Davanapally | Systems Analyst – Digital Strategy | Yokogawa Corporation of America

“ProjectReady allows our entire staff to better communiate with clients and consultants and to break down barriers that limit collaboration and the free flow of data and ideas.”

Alec Luong, AIA, RID, CM | Principal | McLemore Luong

“A powerful tool combining industry-standard project management processes with the flexibility needed to adapt to our company’s workflows.”

Salvatore Ievolino | Vice President of Store Development | Nextore, Inc.

“ProjectReady is another step towards connecting siloed workflows between project teams, including owners, general contractors, and design teams. This integration will provide an opportunity to improve efficiency and transparency as our industry continues its digital transformation.”

Kris Lengieza | Senior Director of Business Development | Procore

“ProjectReady offers the siloed construction industry a connective tissue, simplifying the flow of data and enabling communication to be made though industry-specific workflows.”

Josh Cheney | Customer Outcome Executive | Autodesk

Save Big When You Automate Project Setup & Security

Simply setting up a new project site and managing the ongoing security and governance related to the site can eat up a number of resources. And because it traditionally requires professionals in different areas of the business to come together to get the project up and running, mistakes and revisions are status quo (studies already show a tremendous lack of communication and collaboration across teams).

ProjectReady allows users to automate project setup, instantly tie together other systems on a project (including Procore and Autodesk), and implements roles-based security in minutes to keep projects secure.

When you build your project with ProjectReady, you will immediately realize a 98 percent reduction in the time traditionally spent setting up your new project site. 

Plus, with ProjectReady, you no longer need to tie up IT resources or wait for the IT department to get around to your request for a new project site – which could take days. ProjectReady allows project managers to build the site they need in just five minutes, which allows the team to start work on the project immediately. 

Check out our free automated project setup ROI calculator to discover how much time and money you could be saving with ProjectReady. 

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How ProjectReady’s Document Control (DCNext™) Drives Value


According to reports, nearly half (45%) of construction professionals spend more time than expected on non-optimal activities, such as managing email, searching for project information, and dealing with mistakes and rework. We’re talking more than $1.6 trillion wasted on work and mistakes that could be automated, streamlined, and preempted. 

While spending a few extra minutes trying to track down a few documents might not appear costly at first, these extra minutes quickly become detrimental to the project’s integrity and your company’s bottom line. 

ProjectReady delivers immediate results by introducing automation, integration, and collaboration to activities that are known to diminish your team’s productivity.

Specifically as it relates to document control, our approach immediately delivers results. The best way to fully understand how you and your team can benefit by introducing ProjectReady to your existing tech stack is to run the calculations yourself with our free ROI calculators.

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