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So Much Data to Manage, So Little Time

AEC projects can be large, complex, and can involve many stakeholders, systems, and content repositories. Contracts, blueprints, specifications, permits, change orders, safety reports … the volume of paperwork can be staggering. And keeping track of these AEC files and documents, ensuring they are up to date, and managing versioning can be daunting. Even worse, the risk of incorrect, outdated, and missing information can be costly (e.g., rework, delays, budget overruns, litigation).

Even though there are so many tools and software solutions on the market to manage day-to-day design, project management, accounting, and communication operations, not all tech solutions play well with others. As a result, when different AEC firms come together to form the project team, collaboration and communication is often hindered by content silos and fragmented data.

With 45 percent of construction professionals spending more time than expected on non-optimal activities, including searching for project information, and dealing with mistakes and rework, project leaders must figure out how to facilitate governed access to the systems in play on a project to empower team members to easily find the information needed regardless of where it resides.

An Ideal Solution – Find AEC Files Faster With The Shopping Cart

Solving these challenges is not easy. Traditional document control methods are time-consuming, frustrating, and prone to errors. But as the industry continues to push toward Open API’s and system integrations, the possibility of presenting an actual solution to the siloed data challenge is finally in sight. As systems are brought together, the potential of really transforming document control in the AEC with a solution that features a consistent and intuitive user experience, a dynamic interface, improved metadata management, and operational governance that gives users access to the content necessary to do their jobs regardless of where it resides is not only possible – it exists today.

Online shopping has transformed the retail experience with players like Amazon boasting more than 300 million active customer accounts enjoying the ease of filling their digital shopping carts with items from a range of certified sellers. What makes the experience profound, is the common user experience. Your shopping cart might contain a sweater from a company in Italy, garden clippers from a shop in Florida, and a gift from a small business registered in the United Kingdom. But rather than set off on a month–long journey or an hour–long Google search to seek out these items individually, Amazon simplified the process – presenting shoppers with exactly what they were looking for; billed and boxed together for maximum efficiency.

If Amazon can present the consumer with an efficient, unified, customer-centric way to shop for merchandise offered by retailers located across the globe, it should certainly be possible to replicate this experience in the context of document control.

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Unboxing The ProjectReady Content Cart

Imagine a solution that allows users to easily find, filter, and access governed, authoritative content from across all your systems and content repositories from a unified, user-centric interface. Now imagine being able to quickly click to choose a few files to add from your cart from each system before “checking out.” In just a few clicks, content is easily packaged together, the destination set, and a receipt of the transaction automatically generated. Simple, yet revolutionary.

ProjectReady’s content cart has already helped AEC teams reclaim the countless hours they used to spend logging in and out of different systems and searching for and recreating information; while delivering the peace of mind that comes from knowing the entire project team is working from a Single Source of Truth, transactions are recorded and maintained by the client, and recipients are notified of content delivery and next steps.

The ProjectReady content cart is made possible by the solution’s Integrated Data Environment (IDE™), which applies process over a project’s platforms, systems, and information to provide users with a centralized way to manage projects, manage a system of governance, and execute document control solutions. Additionally, by bringing systems, team members, and organizations together within a modern collaborative project information management solution, ProjectReady’s IDE effectively streamlines communication, enhances collaboration, and improves overall project efficiency.

Easy Access To Your AEC Files? Imagine The Possibilities!

ProjectReady is a cloud-based collaborative project information management solution that provides project teams with easy accessibility to the right content at the right time, regardless of where it lives. Central to ProjectReady’s functionality is the content cart, which grants users across the project team governed access to content. This is particularly useful for projects that incorporate numerous departments and that utilize multiple systems across different organizations. Not only does the content cart interface make it easy to find and select content from multiple sources, including SharePoint, Box, Autodesk BIM 360, Autodesk Build, Procore, and others, but it also gives users the ability to edit metadata at various levels. Deploying proper metadata hygiene in the context of the package and project allows the entire team to run powerful searches and reports at both the project and portfolio levels.

Once the content is organized and metadata applied, users can assign it to specific individuals or groups for review, approval, or registration. Notifications can also be set up to alert team members when their input is needed, eliminating the need for manual follow-ups. ProjectReady’s content cart functionality makes the following tasks easier and less time consuming.

·       Sending content around to team members for review, collaboration, and approval.

·       Registering and addressing RFIs, Change Orders and Submittals.

·       Finding, attaching, and sending information to internal and external stakeholders quickly.

·       Enabling “connected workflows” to seamlessly move content from one workflow to another.

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Are you wondering how much time and money you could start saving with ProjectReady’s content cart? Check out the Document Control ROI Calculator to learn more. Or, if you are ready to see this powerful solution in action, click here to schedule a free demonstration.

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