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Revealing The Impact Of  Streamlining AEC Industry Tasks

In the AEC industry, Architecture, Engineering, and Construction, even the smallest of tasks and minor inconveniences can result in substantial time and monetary losses. It might not take a whole lot of time to find the right SharePoint library, for example. But even spending five minutes of your day searching for something that should be easily accessible soon balloons out of proportion when 100 people on the project spend 5, 10, or more minutes every day on non-optimal activities over a week. The “little things,” truly do matter. This article highlights a few of the common annoyances, inconveniences, and frustrations commonly felt by the AEC industry and encountered over the course of a construction project. Read on to learn how effective collaborative project information management and AECO industry-specific software solutions can help.

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Understanding The Impact Of ‘Little Things’ Across The AEC Industry

The AEC industry is a complex ecosystem. Numerous small tasks collectively influence a user’s ability to perform their job efficiently. While these tasks may appear trivial on their own, the cumulative time spent on each one results in significant inefficiencies and wasted productivity. It doesn’t take long before the impact of these inefficiencies is felt on the company’s bottom line.

Consider how much time team members spend searching for project information across different systems, duplicating data across various platforms on a project, and downloading, uploading, and zipping files in preparation to send for someone else on the team to review. Now, multiply those minutes by the number of people working on the project. The loss of time (and ultimately money) is staggering.

AECO Industry-Specific Software Solutions Are Effective

We’ve been tracking the impact of non-optimal activities for a long time. In fact, we’ve made some easy-to-use ROI Calculators available to let others see how quickly these little things drain a project or organization’s resources. Based on actual case studies of existing clients, these calculators demonstrate the impact collaborative project information management solutions can have as part of the greater Integrated Data Environment (IDE™). As an all-inclusive construction management software solution, ProjectReady has been effective at eliminating the little things that ultimate result in extensive brute-force effort, duplicate data entry, and non-optimal activity.

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AEC Industry Fringe Cases In Project Information Management

AEC industry projects revenues often lie in the margins. Addressing common and repetitive inefficiencies can have a profound impact on an organization’s productivity and profit. Many inefficiencies revolve around project information management. Streamlining processes related to project information management contributes to greater productivity.

Stat: $1.63 trillion could be saved annually from infrastructure productivity changes.

Where’s My Stuff? (Search & Traversing Systems)

One inefficiency is the struggle to navigate and search across different systems. Logging in, traversing, and searching for information across platforms consume valuable time. Whether it’s sifting through numerous projects, logging into different systems, or managing content outside of a strictly defined workflow, these “Little Things” add up.

Stat: 35% of construction professionals’ time is spent on non-productive activities, including looking for project information.

ProjectReady delivers solutions that bring content, systems and information together with a chain link to all your connected project systems. Furthermore, metadata optimization for easier search and a Content Cart unifies content across platforms. A centralized hub for project information, reduces time spent on searching and traversing systems.

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Management Of AEC Industry Project Email

Email is a pervasive tool in all industries, In the AEC, poor email management practices contribute to inefficiencies. Making emails actionable, registering content to the project, tracking responses, and integrating email content into project workflows can improve productivity. Managing email involves more than communication. Make sure crucial project-related information within emails is easily accessible and actionable.

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Stat: 41% of contractors agreed that non-standardized data input leads to inconsistent, inaccurate, incomplete, and unusable data.

To address challenges, ProjectReady delivers the ability to register email and content to the project directly out of Outlook as well as create tasks from email and simplify how to find and send content via email to project stakeholders. These solutions ensure emails are not just a means of communication but are integrated into project workflows. In doing so, ProjectReady reduces manual efforts and improvs data consistency.

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Setup, Security & Connect Of AEC Industry Systems On Projects

Setting up and connecting project’s platforms and managing ongoing security and governance also requires a lot of effort. This process often involves IT professionals, as well as internal and external stakeholders. As a result, the need to constantly manage security and governance significantly impacts the number of resources expended.

Stat: 23.6% say “none” of the software applications they use integrate.

ProjectReady delivers role-based security on projects, automated setup and connection of systems, and the use of governed project site templates. This approach reduces the involvement of IT professionals while minimizing the potential for errors and revisions.

Work To Automate/Streamline “Little Things” With AEC Industry-Specific Software

Recognizing areas that can be automated and streamlined is key to optimizing daily operations. Investing in cloud technology and leveraging the right software solutions is crucial for automating and streamlining these “Little Things.” ProjectReady offers a suite of tools discussed throughout this blog that collectively address various inefficiencies, providing a comprehensive solution to optimize all aspects of project information management of AEC industry projects.

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What We Learned By Creating Our ROI Calculators

Developing ROI calculators based on customer data and experience revealed profound results and emphasized the tangible benefits of addressing the “Little Things” in AEC industry operations.

Explore our ROI Calculators here

The ROI calculators developed by ProjectReady provide a quantifiable understanding of the impact addressing these “Little Things” can have on operations. Leveraging customer data and industry expertise, the calculators showcase the potential savings and improvements that can be achieved through the implementation of efficient processes and streamlined workflows. The results underscore the importance of investing in solutions that address the nuances of AEC industry. Start enhancing productivity. Contact us at info@project-ready.com to learn more.

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