White Paper:

How To Add Email To The Project Record

Four Must-Have Email Features That Promote Better Construction Project Collaboration & Why It Matters

Highlights Include:

  • Making The Case For Improved Email Management Practices
  • Why Email Isn’t Going Away
  • How To Make Email Work Harder For The AECO
    • Easy Email Association
    • Workflow Management
    • Capturing Time & Tasks
    • Simplified Search & eDiscovery
  • And More…


The hybrid workforce has become the new reality for those operating within the Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Owner (AECO) space. As you might imagine, however, promoting and managing project communication and collaboration within this new hybrid environment is not without its challenges.

With so many different companies involved across the life cycle of a construction project, adopting, maintaining, and enforcing standard operating procedures for communication and collaboration is virtually impossible. Especially if project success is rooted in:

  • Encouraging and promoting communication and collaboration across internal and external team members.
  • Capturing all data and information generated and shared from the team’s communication and collaboration activity within the context of the project for improved insight and, ultimately, long-term protection from litigation issues that may arise.

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