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New ProjectReady Feature Allows Project Teams To Find, Send Content Faster Than Traditional Email Attachments

White Plains, NY, USA — April 7, 2023 – ProjectReady, collaborative project information management software solutions provider for the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry, released its newest email management feature, “Connect and Attach.” Furthering its mission of improving collaboration across project teams through the integration systems AEC professionals use every day, ProjectReady’s Connect and Attach allows users to easily find and access project-specific content from connected systems, easily and quickly attach multiple files, and send email securely within the platform’s user-friendly interface. Users are already seeing incredible results – with an average 75% reduction in time spent searching for content across systems to attach and send to team members and stakeholders.

The ProjectReady team recently published a time-lapse video demonstrating Connect and Attach in action while comparing the user experience to the traditional method of logging in to multiple systems, searching for content, downloading files to the user’s local device, preparing the files to be sent before, finally, sending the content as an attachment via Outlook. According to the video, it took the user seven minutes to send content via email using the traditional method. Using ProjectReady’s Connect and Attach feature the time spent searching and sending content was reduce to less than two minutes (1:44).

Improve Productivity Instantly With Connect And Attach

ROI Calculator Highlights Savings Of New Feature

To further demonstrate the value of ProjectReady’s Connect and Attach, the software as a service (SaaS) provider features a free ROI calculator on its website where users can run a number of scenarios. For example, using the calculator, a team of 30 professionals each sending four emails a day would ultimately gain 1,960 hours each year. Assuming an average hourly rate of $85, the annual savings would be $166,600.

“Our Connect and Attach feature is a game-changer for AEC professionals who need to send project documents via email,” said Joe Giegerich, Founder and CEO of ProjectReady. “By streamlining the process of gathering and attaching documents from various systems, we’re saving our clients a significant amount of time and money, while also improving collaboration and communication across their teams.”

A recent study conducted by Autodesk + FMI found that 35 percent of construction professionals’ time (or more than 14 hours per week) on non-productive activities, including looking for project information. With global challenges around rework, rising construction costs, and high turnover impacting the industry, ProjectReady’s Connect and Attach solution is a simple solution guaranteed to drive immediate results.

Connect and Attach is compatible with popular AEC software systems, including Autodesk Build, BIM360, PlanGrid, Box, Procore, SharePoint and Teams. Users can easily attach documents from any of these systems to emails in a few clicks. More information about ProjectReady’s email management solutions, including Connect and Attach, can be found by clicking here. A short Connect and Attach overview video can be viewed here. Visit, or email to request a free demonstration and to learn more about ProjectReady.

About ProjectReady

ProjectReady is a cloud-based collaborative project information management solution designed specifically for the AEC industry. The platform features unique solutions to the industry’s most pressing challenges, including automated project setup, project management, document control, and a dynamic interface. ProjectReady is trusted by leading AEC firms around the world and has been recognized for its innovative approach to bringing systems and content together across AEC systems.