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Realize Greater Value From The Most Powerful Content Storage Tool You Already Own: SharePoint  

Does the fear of being unable to handle and manage the huge volume of data across different platforms and vendors keep you up at night? Are you struggling with the uncertainty of knowing whether you and others on the project have the right access to the right data and information at the right time? Do you ever find yourself doubting whether you and your project team are working in tandem from a single source of truth? ProjectReady eliminates the fear, uncertainty, and doubt you, as a project owner, feel each day across the lifespan of your project by offering an easy and automated solution that helps you manage one of your most powerful (albeit complicated) tools already at your disposal – SharePoint.  

Whether you use it or not, chances are good that if you own Microsoft Outlook, you already use Microsoft Exchange. And, if you own Microsoft Exchange you are already a proud owner of SharePoint, one of the most popular content management systems on the planet. Unfortunately, while incredibly robust, SharePoint is admittedly an administrative nightmare to set up and manage – particularly within the AECO where the frequency of personnel changes can become mind-numbing. It’s no wonder that SharePoint users give up on trying to make the platform work and turn to a hodge-podge of other pseudo-solutions.  

It’s no wonder you’re losing sleep.  

If you can relate to this scenario, you owe it to yourself and the integrity of your project to investigate the only solution on the market that fully understands and integrates into the entire M365 stack while uniquely addressing the challenges project owners face every day they work on a project – ProjectReady.

How ProjectReady Uses SharePoint To Make Project Information Management Manageable For Owners

From the notorious napkin sketch to project close-out, owners on a construction project need an easy way to collect, store, and manage information in context. As projects move from ideation to design to build, you need an easy way to keep vital pieces of information and data points together. SharePoint just happens to be a perfect content storage solution – if it’s set up correctly to address your industry’s specific challenges.  

ProjectReady makes it easy for SharePoint users to:

  • Manage roles and permissions.
  • Sync content across a wide range of AECO-specific platforms.
  • Automate the creation of important documents and store them in the appropriate library for easy access.
  • Quickly apply master metadata to streamline search in the context of a project and across entire portfolios.
  • Maintain a complete audit trail and promote transparency across design and build teams.
  • And more … 

As inspired investors armed with the vision, knowledge, and resources necessary to transform a patch of dirt into the homes, offices, schools, hospitals, infrastructure, and other built assets we’ve come to depend on, project owners must be able to easily access and manage the information and data that ultimately makes it all possible. With ProjectReady serving as the connective tissue that pulls information from the platforms and systems the AECO uses every day, including Procore, PlanGrid, BIM 360, and the Autodesk Construction Cloud, SharePoint has what it takes to be the right storage solution for project owners everywhere – regardless of project size – from start to finish.  

Let’s Get Started

Want to learn how ProjectReady can help you get more value from your existing M365 investment? Click here to read how ProjectReady has made SharePoint governance a breeze for AECOM Canada. Or email a member of our ProjectReady team of professionals to learn if you could be saving time, reducing risk, and saving money by unlocking the full potential of your existing SharePoint investment.