With content created and stored in places from SharePoint, to Autodesk BIM 360 to Box, 100’s if not thousands of documents need to be sent out for review and approval. Bringing all that content together is an exhausting exercise let alone tracking its disposition for approval. And to complicate matters further, having the right member of your team look at the content that is specific to them makes it that much more of a challenge

Building off of ProjectReady’s V3 advanced design and features, preview and select content across systems in a simple and intuitive wizard and make sure the right member of your team spends their valuable time reviewing just the content intended for them.

Users need the right platform of choice to create and store content, DCNext and its unique value takes Document Control to the Next level with simplicity and power

DCNext Features Include:

  • Create, Distribute, Track, and Manage Document Control Communications across connected systems (SharePoint, BIM 360, Box, BlueBeam, and Outlook)
  • Group and assign your project documents to be approved by the appropriate team members inside and outside your organization
  • Track, log, and get comprehensive reporting on all document control communications across its life cycle
  • Consolidated, single view of the status of all key document communications
  • Establish enterprise communication standards that are consistent, reliable, and repeatable across every project throughout the enterprise
  • Automate the creation & connection of the platforms your team needs to create, work, & collaborate on content (SharePoint, Autodesk BIM 360, Microsoft Teams, and Box)
  • Cover sheets for all document packages created automatically
  • Automated security and governance
  • Document-level comments and history
  • End-to-end reporting of content no matter where it lives

For further information, check out our website or request a demonstration to learn more on how to drive process across platforms and connect, control, and distribute content across SharePoint, Autodesk BIM 360, and Box.