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Store, Sync, & Share Revit Project Files In SharePoint

You already know how large design files can become and how difficult it can be to share them with others on your project team, To make matters more complicated, different team members are use different types of software. Needless to say, with so many software silos in play, collaboration can be difficult. 

Is SharePoint The Right Solution?

With so many companies using SharePoint to manage daily operations, people are wondering about the feasibility of using SharePoint to store Revit project files, Revu pdfs, and large Civil3D files.

If you are wondering if a file type like Revit is supported by SharePoint, this article will discuss whether it’s possible to use SharePoint as a design file repository. It will also look into how using SharePoint in this way can help drive even greater ROI from existing tech investments. 

Additionally, when further empowered with tools that allow you to synchronize data from SharePoint to BIM360 and Procore, users can actually gain the peace of mind of knowing that the entire team is working from a single source of truth.

Read on to learn more.

Why Store Revit Project Files In SharePoint

SharePoint, at its foundation, is a document management system. As such, you can use the platform to store any number of documents and document types.

While SharePoint doesn’t allow you to open Revit files natively, utilizing SharePoint as the place of record and central repository for content in flight, has tons of value.  And with the ability to sync content across platforms (facilitated by ProjectReady), even if your design team continues to work in the Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC), others on the project can be confident that they always have access to the single version of the truth.

And, here’s a bonus for Procore users in particular. Using ProjectReady to automate project closeout and store all files in your SharePoint project site gives you the ability to reference and audit documents and drawings long after the project is completed.

You Already Own It, Why Not Use It?

Microsoft Office 365 is a well-known and trusted player in the business productivity space and, as a result, most organizations already own and use SharePoint as part of their existing Office and Microsoft 365 licensing. While designers and builders spend a lot of their time working in other platforms and common data environments (CDEs), project owners rely heavily on SharePoint to manage multiple libraries’ worth of Microsoft Office documents spanning across growing asset portfolios. The ability to secure the Revit files they receive from their design teams within their SharePoint sites is a best practice to ensure that all information related to a project is available if and when it’s needed on their end.

Whether you’re an owner, a designer, or a builder on the project team ProjectReady works hand-in-glove within the M365 environment to help users find greater value in their existing investments while making it easier for entire teams to work better together.

In fact, some of our clients have told us that ProjectReady has been the key to unlocking the value of M365, Microsoft Teams, Power BI and SharePoint.

Content Storage Solutions For Construction Teams

If yours is like most other companies in operation today, you already own Microsoft 365 for business. Therefore, it makes sense to look for ways to drive greater value from this existing investment. As the only collaborative construction project information management solution in the market that truly understands and unlocks the full M365 tech stack, ProjectReady empowers AECO professionals to use the platform seamlessly within their specific discipline while managing the day-to-day business operations.

Click here to request a free demonstration of ProjectReady to learn more about how it can support your BIM 360 document management and system synchronization needs.

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