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The Trusted App: Procore App Marketplace Gives Credibility To Listings

Before an application can be listed on the Procore App Marketplace, developers must adhere to strict technical and experience reviews as well as submit to and pass a functionality test. Technical requirements are available to developers and listed on the Procore Developers website. These requirements are essential for those companies who want to be known as a trusted app in their market.

For those who are looking for assurances that the app they are considering from the Procore App Marketplace is safe, on the other hand, need only look to Procore’s  FAQ page where the company attests that all apps listed on its marketplace “need to pass a strict list of technical requirements” before they are listed on the marketplace. As a result, Procore confirms that, indeed, “the integrations listed on the App Marketplace [are] safe to use.”

How Procore Works To Ensure App Marketplace Integrations Are Safe?

Specifically, as it relates to the trustworthiness of applications offered on Procore’s App Marketplace, the rigorous review process that takes place before a listing goes live ensures that only trustworthy apps that are also shown to provide significant value to Procore customers by enhancing their experience with the Procore platform are given the green light. ProjectReady has met these criteria.

For ProjectReady to be listed on the Procore App Marketplace, the collaborative project information management solution had to meet a lengthy list of requirements to demonstrate that it is a trusted app, some of these requirements are listed below.

To be included on Procore’s App Marketplace, the ProjectReady app had to:

    • Be thoroughly tested and compatible with Procore.
    • Adhere to transparent development practices were met, including proper registration.
    • Allow appropriate tracking functionality and permissions to Procore to monitor server usage and application security.
    • Prove that it does not transmit viruses, files, computer code, or programs that harm or disrupt the Procore user’s experience, such as push notifications.
    • Meet the requirement of using only the approved Oauth mechanism for user authentication, which is used to ensure a more secure API for Procore end users.
    • Commit to providing the highest level of user experience, which means users will not be disrupted by banner ads, beta testing, incomplete content, etc.
    • Successfully complete all functional testing with no evidence of issues or bugs.
    • Test the entire end-user onboarding process to ensure maximum usability.

Is ProjectReady A Trusted App?


As demonstrated by ProjectReady’s inclusion in the Procore App Marketplace, the Autodesk App Store, and the Microsoft AppSource, and  has successfully met a variety of rigorous requirements laid out by their respective companies.

If you would like to learn how ProjectReady adds value to Procore users through advanced integrations, please check out ProjectReady on the Procore App Marketplace for videos that detail up-to-date integration information.

Specifically, with ProjectReady, users can:

    • Establish connected workflows across Procore, BIM 360, PlanGrid, Microsoft 365, and others to keep internal and external project team members on the same page and moving in the same direction.
    • Eliminate the need for double data entry and the likelihood of errors by automatically syncing documents and folders across a variety of platforms.
    • Instantly address RFIs and submittals within an intelligent user interface that helps streamline workflows and improve collaboration across project teams.

And if you want to see a live demonstration of ProjectReady and discuss how it can help you do more within your own organization, click here and request a free, no obligation consultation.