ProjectReady’s PlanGrid Connect Integration Enhances Process Management Across The AEC

ProjectReady and PlanGrid Integration | ProjectReadyPlanGrid Partners With ProjectReady, AECO Solution Easily Syncs Procore, BIM 360, And Others With New Integration

Leading collaborative project information management solution for architects, engineers, construction professionals and project owners (AECO), ProjectReady, partners with construction productivity software for onsite construction workers, PlanGrid. The integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) and its field collaboration software PlanGrid expands ProjectReady’s core mission and value to help clients solve one of the biggest challenges, risks, and expenses in the AEC industry today: interoperability in construction. 

ProjectReady’s integration with PlanGrid compliments its already-established integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud’s construction management software BIM 360ProjectReady and ACC customers can now access simplified, repeatable, and governed user workflows to connect, collaborate on, and manage project information across platforms, stakeholders, and project phases. PlanGrid and BIM 360, in addition to other essential tools can will work together better as a result of this integration.

Construction Collaboration Through Integration

Collaborative project information management (PIM) speaks to the trajectory of digital transformation in construction. Because of the growing marketplace of solutions, interoperability in construction must be a priority to ensure the elimination of data silos.

Today, we see more companies trying to bring project teams together within a common data environment (CDE). Unfortunately, when it comes to the goal of connected construction, a CDE falls short of being an ideal solution. After all, there are several CDEs in play and they simply don’t work well together. ProjectReady’s approach to connected construction is more encompassing. By bridging data silos (software, platforms, and common data environments) within an integrated data environment (IDE) is the solution that will finally result improved collaboration, better efficiency, and realization of greater ROI on existing tech investments.

“Proliferation of data sources, document management, and retention policies across disparate systems can pose complex challenges for construction companies,” said James Cook, head of integrations at Autodesk Construction Solutions. “Connecting our solutions with partners such as ProjectReady can help our customers manage, automate, and streamline that complexity so they can remain focused on high quality project delivery.”

PlanGrid Integration | Integrated Data Environment | ProjectReady | ProjectReady

PlanGrid Partnership Drives Collaborative Project Information Management

The PlanGrid integration with ProjectReady can be set up in as few as five minutes. PlanGrid users can now seamlessly connect content and project data from PlanGrid, Procore, BIM 360, SharePoint, and Box – among others. Facilitated by ProjectReady, PlanGrid becomes a powerful tool to aid in simplifying document control workflows. When construction teams can collaborate on construction project content and information in real time, there is a greater likelihood of completing projects on time and on budge.

Additionally, with ProjectReady now recognized as PlanGrid partners, users can surface and act on submittals, change orders, and Requests for information in PlanGrid while taking advantage of ProjectReady’s streamlined user interface and comprehensive dashboards. ProjectReady improves user visibility on critical information regardless of where it lives. Project managers, general contractors, document controllers, and other personnel vital to the timely advancement of the project, now have all the information and data to drive improved efficiency.

ProjectReady Makes PlanGrid, M365 To Work Better Together

Project information management is not project management. So, if you are looking for a new project management tool, ProjectReady is not the solution. But, if you are looking to get more out of your existing tech investments, including M365, in the context of a holistic project management strategy, we’ve got you covered. For starters, ProjectReady is the only PIM software that fully understands and fully integrates into the entire Microsoft 365 stack. This is critical as most businesses, regardless of industries, are also Microsoft customers. Unfortunately, out of the box, SharePoint is not made to work the way construction teams work – in the context of a project. With ProjectReady, however, you always have easy access to the location of project site in project management strategy and can easily access project-related content, regardless of where it originated. PlanGrid files are now easily accessible within your M365 environment and are always easy to find and access.

When BIM 360 Document Management Is Too Much But PlanGrid Is Just Right

Because PlanGrid is already a part of the Autodesk Construction Cloud Connect family integration between PlanGrid and the Document Management module in BIM 360 already exists. However, not all businesses are ready for the complexity or cost associated with BIM 360 document management and would rather proceed with PlanGrid. ProjectReady’s integrations and partnerships empower businesses of all sizes to progress their digital transformation goals. In addition to being able to manage and transfer data each way between PlanGrid and plan folders, project files folders, and issues, in BIM 360, PlanGrid users can now collaborate better with Procore users and project owners via SharePoint.

The PlanGrid partnership with ProjectReady is particularly powerful for small businesses that aren’t ready to adopt BIM 360 but still want to take advantage of BIM modeling while improving collaboration across internal and external project team members. 

ProjectReady also offers Bluebeam integration, BIM 360 RFI workflows, submittal workflows, Microsoft Outlook integration, and more. Click here to see the many benefits of ProjectReady’s IDE. 

Governed Connections Facilitate Trust Across Construction Teams

“Our integration with PlanGrid takes us closer to our goal of driving interoperability and efficiency through governed connections across the multiple systems project teams use to work every day,” said Joe Giegerich, ProjectReady CEO. “Building upon our integration and partnership with Autodesk continues to be an essential piece in our forward vision.” 

Construction professionals are seeing the value of automated document control workflows and are gaining greater visibility into the project and realizing greater efficiencies, thanks to ProjectReady.

BIM 360 document management could present cumbersome challenges, but with improved SharePoint for construction solutions and the ability to sync information across platforms instantly, the entire team benefits with a single source of truth. 

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