Project Email Management
with Microsoft Outlook

It’s Never Just An Email

Email is a great way to communicate with team members and a range of professionals across your industry. It’s fast. It’s easy. It’s organic. It’s … chock full of vital project information that can both make and break your project. Because the messages that flow back and forth from your team’s inbox are so mission critical, we though it was about time we, as an industry, start talking about the importance of email management and offer some best practices that will help drive adoption.

Better Project Email Management Starts Here

We’ve developed the tools necessary to unlock the critical project information residing inside your team’s email to improve collaboration and reduce short- and long-term risk scenarios.

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Discover Tools And Tips To Improve Email Management Across Your Project Team

Rather than dropping huge amounts of cash on complicated processes and clunky software in the hopes of changing the way people work, ProjectReady took an entirely different approach. We started thinking inside the box – the inbox, that is.

Email isn’t going away any time soon. The sooner we can all accept this fact, the sooner we can develop real solutions that will drive real results.

We can’t wait to show you how powerful your email can be in driving improved project information management across your organization and your team. Tap on the button below to download the free whitepaper today to see the four must-have email features that will help drive collaboration, improve trust and transparency, and reduce risk.