Document Generation

Avoid Errors & Delays With Instant Document Generation For Construction Professionals

Whether you’re a general contractor, subcontractor, architect, engineer, or owner; your role on the project team requires you to produce various types of documentation at any given time.

Maybe you need to create a few necessary agreements and disclosures to get the project up and running. Or perhaps your role requires you to develop, review, and send out reports on a pre-determined schedule. Whatever the case, when you build your project with ProjectReady, you gain immediate access to a robust document generation solution that allows you to instantly create documents that are accurate and easy to find.

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Why Automate Doc Gen with ProjectReady

How We Do It

During the setup phase of a project, ProjectReady deploys a wizard to pull in your project-specific data points, apply governance, and establish connections to your other platforms and systems in play – all within minutes. The information gathered at this stage is what allows ProjectReady to populate your document templates with all the right information in seconds.

What You Get

When you generate your documents in ProjectReady your documents are saved with the right information, in the right place, with the right security. And, because we deploy master metadata, you’ll always be able to easily find the right version of documents.

Ultimately, when you use ProjectReady for document generation, you get so much more time to do the skilled work you’re passionate about. 

Beyond Document Generation

Because your ProjectReady subscription includes access to our full document control (DC Next) suite, you have the option of taking advantage of powerful features like our cross-platform connected workflow automation. ProjectReady allows you to pivot from one workflow to another seamlessly while ensuring that the entire project team can collaborate easily regardless of the platform.

Workflows ProjectReady connects include:

    • Register Content – Register completed documents to the project record.
    • Content For Review – Assign others on your team to review and provide feedback on your documents before they are sent.
    • Content Approval – Assign specific team members to approve your documents.
    • RFI Management – Bring in specific documents as part of your RFI or submittal package.
    • Change Order Management – Associate documents with change orders.

Using ProjectReady’s Document Generation in conjunction with DC Next allows you to deploy robust automation and governance. You can rest assured knowing that only the right people have the right access to the right information at the right time.

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