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ProjectReady’s 2023 Year in Review

Happy New Year!

We are really looking forward to forging ahead. But before we do, we wanted to take a moment to appreciate and reflect on everything that was accomplished in 2023.

New features. New customers. New podcast. 😊

It was a great year for us and we hope you had a lot to celebrate as well.

Thank You

First, we want to thank YOU, the listeners of the podcast for your support. And, of course, we want to thank the special guests who joined us in 2023:  Jeff Walter from AECOM, Salla Eckhart from OAC Services, and Aarni Heiskanen from AE Partners.

Top 3 Podcast Episodes

Every episode of the ProjectReady Podcast was great for various reasons, but there were three episodes in particular that surged in popularity among our listeners. If you haven’t already, listen to these episodes to find out why.


Joe and Shaili recorded a fantastic Year In Review episode of the ProjectReady Podcast. It’s a fun recording that recaps some of the great tools we introduced in 2023 and how they will benefit the AECO industry in 2024 and beyond. Additionally, the duo shares some great features that are set to be released in the coming months.

Click here to be redirected to the podcast page, which includes additional links and the transcript, or click on the player below to listen now.

2023: A Year of Growth and Innovation

ProjectReady added some great features in 2023 as we build upon our mission to bring information across platforms together and deliver modern collaborative project information management to the AEC. These features include:

WorkBridge: Bridging Workflows Across Systems

One standout feature ProjectReady released in 2023 was WorkBridge. This powerful functionality was designed to allow users in Procore and users in Autodesk to respond and collaborate on RFIs simultaneously without having to leave their preferred systems.  Seamlessly connecting RFIs from Procore to Autodesk for our clients. Additionally, all transactional data generated during the RFI process is automatically compiled and saved for complete auditability.

Learn More About Work Bridge

Automated Project Setup for Procore

The project setup process got more powerful in 2023. ProjectReady now allows users to automate the setup of new projects in Procore alongside the project’s M365 assets – SharePoint, Teams, Outlook Group Mailboxes. (And, in Q1 2024, users will be able to automate the setup of new projects in Autodesk as well.)

This means it is now possible to simultaneously create new project assets across multiple systems at the same time (and in 5 minutes or less) with consistent metadata. This streamlined process ensures consistency in metadata across systems, reinforcing the concept of garbage in, garbage out and importance of quality data. Furthermore, the ability to save project setup configurations as templates adds another layer of efficiency, reducing manual work and setup times.

Learn More About Automated Project Setup

Connect and Attach: Simplified Document Sharing Across Platforms via Email

ProjectReady’s Connect and Attach feature overwhelmingly simplifies the process of searching for, accessing, editing, and sending documents as attachments from multiple platforms – creating a single, simplified user experience.

This powerful solution eliminates the need to traverse systems, search, which helps users realize incredible ROI. (See Our ROI Calculators)

Learn More About Connect and Attach

Improved Submittal Workflow

Not new, but vastly improved. ProjectReady has transformed its submittal workflow. Now there is a submittal software solution that works the way YOU do.

The submittal workflow fluidity enables documents to move back and forth between steps, acknowledging the dynamic nature of submittal processes. This allows users to bring in documents from external emails as resubmissions or new versions, which adds a layer of convenience and efficiency to the entire submittal package lifecycle.

This workflow update underscores ProjectReady’s commitment to addressing real-world AEC industry challenges.

Learn More About ProjectReady Submittals

COMING SOON: Program Management

We anticipate that 2024 will be another big year for ProjectReady users. Our development team has been working on some exciting upgrades and features, including integration within the new Procore ribbon  and what may be our biggest feature yet – Program Management:

Sync Content Across Multiple Autodesk and Procore Tenants

Coming in Q1 of 2024 ProjectReady will release Program Management, which will finally give users the ability to connect, share, and sync content across multiple Procore, Autodesk, and SharePoint tenants. This incredible development will allow users to instantly move project drawings, documents, and more from one project in Autodesk and/or Procore to another (your tenant or someone else’s) as well as across different SharePoint sites.

Now, collaboration can take place even if, for example, a project owner, general contractor, and specialty contractor are all running their own versions of Procore, or different design firms have their own instances of Autodesk – or any variation in between.

Learn More about Program Management

Looking Ahead To 2024

In closing, the ProjectReady team expresses their gratitude and wishes you, the audience, happy holidays, and a prosperous year ahead. As the AEC industry continues to evolve, ProjectReady is committed to simplifying workflows, enhancing collaboration, and driving efficiency across your projects. Thank you for joining us on this journey, and here’s to a successful and innovative year ahead!

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