SAs ProjectReady has developed and evolved over the last few years, we were searching for the right term, the right acronym that best describes what we do and what unique value we bring to our customers.


While technically a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), given how we leverage our clients existing Enterprise investments in products like Microsoft Office 365 and Autodesk BIM 360, we didn’t think that the term SaaS did justice to the unique value we represent. ProjectReady adds value to what our customers already own by driving process over platform. We did our research and it turns out Gartner had a definition in place for what ProjectReady is and where it sits in the ecosystem of solutions in the cloud and for our client’s in professional services and the AEC.

We are a Business-Process-as-a-Service or BPaaS.

BPaaS sits on top of the other three foundational cloud services: SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. A BPaaS is a standardized service… optimized to deliver a service consistently. It leverages automation, standardization, and repeatability in the way the services are used and delivered.With the advent of cloud computing…. Increasingly, companies are looking at a more service-oriented approach to services. Rather than assume you need a packaged application that includes business logic, data, and processes, it’s possible to select a process application that’s not tied into a single application.

The cloud drives commodity and its economic advantages and unlike competing products of type in the market place we dramatically reduce the overhead of the administration and number of platforms companies maintain to run projects. We address content chaos by taking advantage of the systems our clients own — meaning less overhead for both ProjectReady and our clients; greater value and lower costs.

I have long given a stump speech on the topic of “all good things become a commodity”. It’s based around fire and why matches are free. Technology begins with fire itself. The story of Prometheus and his gift to humanity. Fire cooks food, forges weapons, creates tools, gives warmth to survive a cold winters night. 2,000 years ago, it was a full-time job, to keep the fire going in the center of town and whole religious sects were built around it. But the value of fire is what you could do with it. So, matches became a commodity. Anywhere from free, to just about. A quick search online, 1,000 matches is all of $1.79

Around 2010 I saw a presentation by former president Bill Clinton, discussing why, he had under his administration, allowed RAM CHIPS (random access memory) to be manufactured overseas and what the benefit was. RAM was too expensive. Outsourcing its manufacture allowed the price to drop to commodity levels. That move to commodity meant that bio tech firms could afford enough horse power and computing to map the human genome. That ushered in the birth of bio tech and a whole new era of innovation and creation of wealth.

For businesses today, Cloud computing and Cloud storage is that transformation of critical infrastructure to a commodity resource to take advantage of. But your business isn’t a platform and to get value from what the cloud offers, it needs to be driven by a process to drive a result.

That understanding, that essential value proposition is at the heart of ProjectReady. With the features you need we connect the cloud thru process and collaboration. Unlike any other product, we take advantage of the commodity cloud services you already own to store and manage information; providing unique pricing and the highest return on value offered in the market today.