NEW YORK, NY – May 2018 – ProjectReady Central™, a leading project management and document control solution announced the release of their newest feature Time Entry and Management.

In today’s enterprise, you need a central, governed way to assign, manage and define tasks related to a project as well as track time against those tasks. With ProjectReady Central you can now bring tasks, time and content together for your employees and consultants regardless if they’re internal or external to the organization. Enter time directly against tasks inside of ProjectReady and end the content chaos around your project. With ProjectReady, gain clear control and visibility into your projects progress, budgets, and time before it is sent to billing.

For customers who work with external vendors and contractors, such as those in the AEC and Professional Service industries, ProjectReady’s solution delivers a great way to gain full visibility into your project and an easy way to account for billable time and tasks from external resources. This eliminates the need for separate systems and gives you greater insight and control over your projects.

Users need to only learn and access one system driving ease of use and user adoption and delivers one version of the truth to business owners and stakeholders in the project. Additionally, the flexibility that ProjectReady Central with SharePoint provides allows you to seamlessly export and upload information into project accounting systems if necessary.

Time Entry and Management with ProjectReady Central Delivers:

  • Connection between the task and content management capabilities of SharePoint through Time Entry

  • One place to manage all aspects of your project’s time, tasks, and content

  • A single pane of glass to view collaborative efforts between internal and external consultents

  • Comprehensive reporting of a team member’s time against the project

  • A simplified user experience, which drives user adoption and maximizes efficiency

  • An esier way to administer and review tasks and time before that information is sent to accounting

  • The ability to address multiple ERP’s as in M&A’s with a signle, streamlined process

  • ROI through the elimination costs from unnecessary licensing and modules for time entry

ProjectReady Founder and CEO Joseph Giegerich stated, “The Launch of Time Entry and Management for ProjectReady Central is an exciting release for our customers and a huge step forward in delivering ProjectReady’s goal of unifying all project processes and information regardless of where it resides, ending content chaos. Connecting time, tasks, and content.”