NEW YORK, NY – October 2018 –ProjectReady is proud to announce new product features in our latest update. Being a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution means we are continuously developing new ways to enhance the value and ease of use of our applications. Below is a list of new updates now available with the product:

Create Change Orders from Outlook with the Microsoft Outlook Connector 

Now when an email comes in signaling a change of scope, you can easily create and setup a Change Order to review which will be saved directly to the correct project. No reason to leave the Outlook user experience, making it a seamless way to ensure pertinent change order and email information is available, tracked and reviewed.

Add Email Content to Existing Document Control Communications with the Microsoft Outlook Connector 

Forgot to add an additional piece of email to your document control package? No need to recreate from scratch, now you can easily add emails to existing packages saving you significant time and boosting efficiency.

Resend Document Control Notifications through Integrated Document Control

Haven’t gotten the responses or sign off you need for your document packages? Now easily resend notifications at the click of a button so that approves are reminded to review the content ensuring projects stay on time.