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ProjectReady Procore Marketplace Listing Makes Collaborative Project Information Management Easier Across Construction & Design Teams

ProjectReady, a leading cloud-based project management and document control solution for the AECO, has enjoyed a robust partnership with Procore, a leading provider of construction management software, and has introduced integrations that promote improved collaborative project information management. The partnership between Procore and ProjectReady has helped both parties expand on core missions and value propositions. Additionally, inclusion of ProjectReady in the Procore Marketplace further helps the Procore mission of empowering users.

Another Step Toward Truly Connected Construction

The partnership between ProjectReady and Procore addresses the lack of cross-platform system interoperability – one of the biggest challenges currently facing the AECO.

Today, there are quite a few companies working toward their own interpretation of ideal connected construction and most approaches require users to adopt a common data environment (CDE). While CDEs allow different teams to work together and reduces the number of software silos at a high level, what users are left with are a handful of “super silos” that, due to competition in the marketplace, fail to integrate to eachother in a way that actually improves productivity and collaboration.

ProjectReady’s mission to bring true connected construction to the marketplace hinges on being able to agnostically bring various CDEs together, including Procore and the Autodesk Construction Cloud. Partnership with Procore and inclusion in the Procore app marketplace is key to the further development of an integrated data environment – or an IDE. Improved collaboration through integration is core to the development of an IDE that allows designers, builders, and owners to work together, bridge workflows, streamline communication and improve productivity.

Together, the cloud-based solutions ProjectReady and Procore provide users add incredible value to customers by delivering a single unified experience. The integration empowers users to connect and manage content and workflows across platforms. Simplified, repeatable, and governed user processes and governed by roles-based accessibility makes it easier for project teams to work together. Users gain improved transparency and collaboration across each project phase during the entire project lifecycle.

Procore Integration | Integrated Data Environment | ProjectReady

With ProjectReady’s Procore integration, users can:

    • Sync content back and forth between Procore, BIM 360, Autodesk Construction Cloud, SharePoint, BOX, and other systems
    • Automate the provisioning of modern SharePoint sites and streamline the management of Microsoft 365 security without IT assistance.
    • Seamlessly work across Procore and ACC by simultaniously creating information, e.g. RFIs, in both places at once
    • Quickly associate email messages and attachments to the project record while making email actionable
    • Retain access to all project information even after project close-out by allowing ProjectReady to automatically store all project information and transactional data back to your database – even if users no longer have access to Procore
    • Apply cross-platform governance at scale
    • Deploy advanced search that allows users to find information across all projects and platforms

ProjectReady also gives users the ability to deploy other cost- and time-saving measures, such as automated document generation, connected workflows, and others. ProjectReady’s complete cloud based solution drives value across AECO companies over the course of the project. Click here to view the full menu of features.

The ProjectReady solution is offered by app marketplace leaders, including Microsoft, Procore, and Autodesk.

Partnership Announcement | Indicta & ProjectReady | Press Release | ProjectReady

Indicta Partners With ProjectReady, Governance-Driven Information Management Solution Will Benefit Wider Audience

Indicta Partners With ProjectReady | Press Release | ProjectReadyNEW YORK – Collaborative project information management (PIM) software solution, ProjectReady, has announced its formal partnership with Indicta, Ltd., a data and information consulting firm that serves clients within the mining and energy industries. This move strategically expands the software company’s reach beyond construction and manufacturing, revealing an opportunity to introduce a wider audience to the innovative data and project information management solutions available through ProjectReady.  

Similar to companies operating within the broader construction industry, businesses operating within the energy and mining sectors are under pressure to do more with less. There is a growing need to improve efficiency, to deploy automated solutions, and to streamline communication and collaboration across project teams that are constantly in flux. As a leading AECO (architecture, engineering, construction, and project owner) software solution, ProjectReady is no stranger to the challenges associated with multi-phase projects that spread across a variety of specialty companies.  

“Today, among companies that regularly collaborate to work on large-scale projects, we’re seeing that an organization’s internal policies, standards, and systems must be able to function in conjunction with the larger project ecosystem, which may include any number of external systems, platforms and organizations,” Kelly Doyle, COO of ProjectReady. “A dynamic governance solution is necessary to facilitate the relationships between the various tools and platforms in play, which allows organizations to operate more efficiently while reducing risk. ProjectReady bridges silos and governs data and information across systems and sub-systems.” 

Introducing A New Software Solution To Enhance Project Productivity 

Through the introduction of new methodology, software, and processes, Indicta works to identify and implement ideal data and information solutions that address unique challenges found among organizations operating within the mining and energy industries. By deploying strategic processes, hands-on training, and streamlined set-up, Indicta helps leaders bridge the data silos that stand in the way of their desired growth objectives.  

“There’s growing demand across the business community, government entities, and other organizations to ensure that companies, particularly those within the mining and energy sector, are demonstrating continuity across governance, process, and systems. After working more than 15 years within this industry, Indicta noticed the requirement within these companies to find technology solutions that could meet their unique challenges,” said Tammy Mackenzie, CEO of Indicta. “ProjectReady is an innovator within the data space and a natural pairing with Indicta’s mission. Together, this partnership will drive excellence in governance, process, and systems while delivering the ultimate user experience.” 

Working with ProjectReady, Indicta can now deliver collaborative project information management solutions to clients in need of solutions ranging from document synchronization to automated workflows and more. Moreover, Indicta offers extensive training and support to ensure successful implementation and execution of desired solutions.  

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