Introducing the Integrated Data Environment (IDE) And The Evolution of Project Information Management Within The AECO


ProjectReady Podcast Tackles Project Information Management In The IDE

Ready to learn more about project information management (PIM) best practices? You’ve come to the right place. Listen to Joe Giegerich and Kelly Doyle as they discuss the Integrated Data Environment (IDE) and how it will streamline the evolution of collaborative project information management across the AECO. You’ll learn why it’s vital to begin a strategy that empowers you to bring your existing construction solutions together in a way using a governed solution that facilitates data and information synchronization across platforms.

What You’ll Hear

This particular podcast is essential to listen to if you are looking more information regarding a solution that will:

  • Streamline communication across your entire project.
  • Maximize productivity and improve profitability.
  • Drive improved collaboration across design and build teams at every phase of the project’s lifecycle.

Whether you use SharePoint for construction project information management or box, learn how you can connect these tools to existing common data environments and contech solutions, like Procore and the Autodesk Construction Cloud. Then, with ProjectReady as your efficiency engine in the background, you can easily move information across the platforms and systems you use to manage your construction projects every day.

Listen Now

Listen to this short ProjectReady podcast using the media player below for additional insight. Then, feel free to reach out to Joe and Kelly directly with your questions about collaborative project information management solutions for designers, engineers, owners, and other construction professionals..

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