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Infrastructure Introspection.

The signing of the Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act (IIJA) into law is symbolic in many ways. For our country, it represents a necessary investment in a new and modern era. For our people, it’s an opportunity to pursue exciting careers that will play a huge role in designing and building solutions that will withstand the test of time. For ProjectReady, it’s the realization of a dream that was put in motion years ago, when talks of an infrastructure bill were still in their infancy.

When I launched ProjectReady nearly six years ago, I did so with the expectation that the Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act, or a version of it, would be passed in the “very near future.” Apparently that timeline means different things in different areas of our lives. But the day has finally arrived, and President Joe Biden has put ink to paper. For a plan that was several years in the making, you can bet this moment made me a little introspective – not only with regard to how far ProjectReady has come, but how far the built world has come since we took up the mission to use data as a means to empower the AEC.

Uncovering The Evolution of The Built World

Before launching ProjectReady, we were a systems integrator that worked closely with different clients throughout the AEC space. We spent years learning about industry challenges in the hopes that we would uncover solutions architects, engineers, and contractors were looking for to navigate an increasingly digital industry. We worked to make sense of their struggles and develop a solution that would not only make our customers more effective but would make the time they spend working on projects easier, efficient, safer, and more cost effective. ProjectReady has ultimately been a culmination of these ideas and was built to harness data across all aspects of a project’s lifecycle, secure it, and use it to drive growth and sustainability – not only for our customers, but for the infrastructure our society depends on.

The Future of The Built World Starts Now

The built world itself is literally the foundation of our civilization. I’ve lived in New York City my whole life and there’s as much infrastructure under it as there is above. That’s what makes for a great civilization – the built world.

In the modern age, to build effectively, we must be able to collect information and be able to look at it wholistically through integration – a digital twin or a digital extraction of the building that people can make sense of.

After years of listening, learning, understanding, and building custom integrations that would allow the AEC to build effectively in the modern age, we set out to develop a repeatable process that would integrate systems to enable true collaboration without boundaries and barriers – symbolic of the civilization we hope to build today. To do better, to build better, the systems we use must empower the people who use them. The same can be said for the actual infrastructure that is to be built.

The built world, with all its incredible design features and technological advances, is still built for people and, at the end of the day, people must be able to make sense of it and use it.

How We Move Forward

The goal we had years ago is the same goal we have today, to address the challenges AEC professionals face when being called upon to rebuild in a modern era. To do this, we’re not only looking to help our customers collect the mountains of data available to them; we want to present this data in a way that makes sense and that can be used to make timely and important decisions on the jobsite and beyond.

This is a big moment for ProjectReady. But it’s an even bigger moment for the built world and we look forward to working together with all those who will play a part.

By Joseph Giegrich, CEO

November 16, 2021

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