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Reduce Your Administrative Overhead

Across the AEC, IT has the unique challenge of having to support specific project demands across multiple systems and across various internal and external teams – all while deploying security best practices and managing control of the project’s content. So, we want to know, if you could spend more time moving the needle on your essential day-to-day IT responsibilities and less time setting up and securing projects, managing roles, and synchronizing content, wouldn’t you jump at the opportunity?  

Now, in a matter of minutes, AEC IT professionals like you can easily set up a new project, manage the secure access of the project and, in doing so, unlock the true value of resources and platforms your company already owns. ProjectReady provides you with the functionality necessary to fully automate the provisioning, security, and governance of a project while granting your project managers and other team members with a secure, centralized location to collaborate, manage and store communications records like email, and easily search through messages within the context of the project.

Reduce The IT Department’s Administrative Overhead

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Streamlined Project Provisioning

Set up your organization’s next project in a matter of minutes – not hours or days – with ProjectReady’s streamlined project provisioning. 

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Multi-Platform Support

Manage project security and governance effortlessly across the project’s multiple teams and their preferred platforms with the touch of a button.

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User-Friendly Functionality

Empower end-users to create, connect, and secure content regardless of where it originated and effectively free IT of unnecessary administrative tasks.

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Automated Governance

Automation of brute force processes ensures proper governance without the need to backtrack or deep dive through data on the backend of the project.

More Solutions that Move
the Needle

In addition to the four features outlined above, ProjectReady offers solutions that benefit other members of your construction project’s team – IT professionals, owners, document controllers, project managers, and others all enjoy our ProjectReady’s other features, including:

  • Automated synchronization
  • Streamlined communication 
  • User-friendly dashboard 
  • Ball-in-court functionality 
  • Day-one content approval capabilities 
  • And so much more …
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    Ready To Remove Your Administrative Overhead?  

    If you’re looking for a construction information and project management solution that empowers you and other IT professionals on your team to remove the administrative overhead associated with project management while helping you realize the full potential of the systems and platforms you already own, schedule a free, no obligation demonstration with a ProjectReady pro today. Once you hit submit, a member of the ProjectReady team will be in contact with you to out to coordinate your demo at a time that fits into your schedule.