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Enterprise Features Include Robust Collaborative Construction Project Information Management Solutions

If you’re looking for collaborative project information management solution that will support your entire project team from project bid to closeout. Or a tool that actually facilitates connections between the software and platforms you use every day. ProjectReady Enterprise is the all-in construction management solution designed to connect office administrators, field teams, architects, engineers, and owners, to provide best-in-class visibility and project governance.

In addition to the construction management solutions you receive as part of our ProjectReady Central product, including set-up, secure, and sync, ProjectReady Enterprise customers gain access to even greater functionality. Read on to learn more about ProjectReady Enterprise features.

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Advanced Search*

To facilitate true process over platform, users should be able to conduct a search within ProjectReady that will source information across all connected platforms, workflows, email, and information within the context of a single project. Context is what makes our search solution truly intuitive, efficient, and valuable, and this functionality is truly what helps you make sense of all the information captured across all of your connected systems.

Learn more about our approach to process over platform. Click here to schedule your risk-free demonstration.

Comprehensive Dashboards*

ProjectReady worked with professionals across the AECO to gain a better understanding of how leaders think and prefer to work. This information helped our team develop an intuitive and comprehensive dashboard that not only informs users of a project’s overall wellness, but empowers team members to make data-driven decisions to ensure the project stays on track.

If you would like to see ProjectReady’s dashboard at work, click here and schedule your free demo today.

Connected Email*

We would all be pretty lost if we didn’t have access to our email. But even though it’s such an essential tool, so many companies are still unable to effectively source information across inboxes. And forget using your email to:

  • create actionable tasks
  • manage RFIs
  • create change orders
  • allocate time
  • and more …

ProjectReady is the only collaborative construction project information management tool that truly understands and leverages the entire Microsoft 365 stack. So, when it comes to complete integration with Outlook, you are more than covered.

Additionally, with ProjectReady, users can:

  • drag and drop group emails
  • reinforce governance
  • streamline search within the context of the project
  • manage inbound RFIs and change orders
  • create and manage tasks and meetings from specific emails.

Plus, because ProjectReady was built to specifically utilize M365 technology, you never have to worry about slow connection speeds or programs crashing.

Click here to contact us today and speak with a ProjectReady pro to learn how connected email works within our construction project management solution.

Cross-Platform Functionality

With ProjectReady, everything you need to know and do is now in the context of your project and accessible with the click of a mouse. Within our robust, inter-connected platform, you have the ability to:

  • Find and answer issues in Autodesk
  • Find and answer submittals and RFIs in Procore
  • Find and answer issues and RFIs in PlanGrid
  • Answer and respond from anywhere with documentation automatically logged within Azure SQL.
  • And new features and functionality is being added daily.

To find out what else we can do and how ProjectReady can solve your unique challenges, click here to schedule a free, no-obligation demonstration.

Document Control

Construction doesn’t happen in silos.

Designs, questions, changes, and more must go through a review and approval process. To do that, the people who make up your project teams must have an easy way to stay connected at each phase of the project’s lifecycle. Because we believe that bridging technology only has value if you can empower the people managing the technology to collaborate effortlessly, we created our document control suite to do just that.

If you can operate an online shopping cart, you can use ProjectReady’s document control solution to pull in content to access, review, comment on, and approve across your team’s various platforms.

ProjectReady’s document control functionality utilizes repeatable standards driven by known user experience to automate the audit trail, reduce the time teams spent on chasing documents by 76 percent and, ultimately, reduces the risk of potential litigation today, tomorrow, and well into the future.

Want to see how ProjectReady orchestrates document control? Click here to schedule a fast and free demonstration.

Enhanced Communication

Maintaining communication and promoting transparency is easy with ProjectReady. No matter where you are working on your project or what platform you’re using, you are always only a click away from your team. Email, call, and schedule meetings directly from the project and always know that your communication will always be within the context of your project.

Because of our powerful integration with Microsoft Teams, construction project team members have a more robust project collaboration tool. By programmatically creating a Team during the setup of your ProjectReady project, you and your team gain access to an incredible project-centric communications environment that enables all team members to collaborate on video or conference calls, ask questions and chat back and forth, and access connected systems in more ways than ever before. Furthermore, because of ProjectReady’s secure framework, all information entered into Teams is captured and recorded for easy search and auditability.

Discover all the ways Microsoft Teams is bringing construction project teams together in the context of a single project. Click here to schedule your no-cost, risk-free demonstration today.

Project Management

Collaborative construction project information management requires effective coordination of equipment, material, and, most importantly, people, across the entire lifespan of the project to ensure proper usage of predetermined costs, schedules, scope, and quality. To effectively manage so many moving parts, construction project managers must be able to pull all necessary data and information together to maintain up-to-the-minute visibility of the project at a very high level. This is where ProjectReady’s project management solution comes into play.

ProjectReady is able to collect vital project management information across an entire framework of systems to deliver instant feedback regarding the financial wellness of the project, where deadlines are being missed and why, how bottlenecks are impacting your ability to complete the project on time, and so much more.

In addition to tracking critical KPIs and generating instantaneous progress reports to inform key project stakeholders, ProjectReady’s method of implementing built-in automated security and governance across all platforms in use ensures that your work is always protected and all team members are held accountable.

Would you like to learn more about ProjectReady’s robust construction project management tool? Contact us today to see it in action during a free, no-obligation, demonstration.

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