White Paper: Managing the Chaos of Document Control 

Drive Process Over Platform

Highlights Include:

  • Understanding the Challenges with Document Control & what drives those challenges (Content Chaos, Interoperability, Risk)
  • How to steer through those challenges of document control
  • The difficulties & cost of trying to manage & find content across different systems
  • How to unify your content across systems and drive process
  • Value of the ProjectReady Document Control Solution – DCNext

White Paper Introduction:

Documents and digital content are the only true constant through every phase of every project in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry. From the first sketch on a napkin to the volumes of building information turned over to facility managers, documents provide a rich history of project conceptualization, design iteration, and the symphony of contractors building an amazing structure and the as-built conditions that set the stage for the longest and most expensive part of the building’s lifecycle.

Whether it is planning, programming, design, build or closeout, when it comes to meeting the challenges of controlling, distributing and tracking all the authoritative content used on a project, owners, design teams, and contractors all have a common goal to:

  • End Content Chaos
  • Drive Interoperability
  • Reduce Risk

While all the stakeholders share this common goal, they also understand to drive user adoption that any document control solution must work with multiple systems, it must be simple to use and scalable to any size project.

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