Advanced Procore Integration

How To Use Procore With ProjectReady’s
Advanced Integration

By itself, the Procore platform helps build teams deliver incredible results. But when you introduce ProjectReady, the entire construction team gains an unparalleled collaborative project information management solution. Together, these tools help designers, builders, and owners work better together across a project’s lifecycle.

ProjectReady’s Procore integration allows users to:

Create and automate design collaboration workflows across popular AECO platforms and systems, including BIM 360, Autodesk Construction Cloud, PlanGrid, Box, SharePoint, Outlook, and Teams.

Effortlessly publish and sync design content from Procore to other connected systems and back again.

Quickly respond to issues & RFI’s from any system within an intelligent, user-friendly dashboard.

Gain full visibility across project teams with instant reporting and the production of comprehensive audit logs.

See How ProjectReady Uses Procore To Drive An Ideal Collaborative Project Information Management Solution

Whether you’re a designer, a builder, or a project owner, ProjectReady’s advanced Procore integration is the essential tool when you’re looking for an effective collaborative project information management solution. If you’re looking for a way to ensure that the entire project team is always working from a single source of truth, has the insight necessary to respond to RFIs and submittals quickly, and can efficiently work together to push the project over the finish line on time and on budget, you need a tool that brings essential elements, companies, and team members together.

Available on the Procore App Marketplace, ProjectReady provides trusted integration to users at all phases of project development.

What Does Procore Do For Construction Project Teams?

Procore has been a long-time trusted platform traditionally used by owners, general contractors, and specialty contractors and is a key element of an integrated data environment (IDE). For many in construction, the Procore system has become the go-to platform for managing projects, portfolios, resources, and financials.

Additionally, thanks to the Procore BIM 360 integration available through ProjectReady, users gain the tools necessary to assist during the preconstruction process. Owners love the robust integration options as well when it comes to solutions related to prequalification and bid management; project management; field productivity tracking and analysis; and financial management.

Why We Believe Procore Is Better With ProjectReady

Procore is a fantastic tool … just not for everyone. In fact, there are many great solutions currently in use across the AECO. What makes ProjectReady a gamechanger in the marketplace, however, is that it is able to provide users across the construction profession with a common user interface, seamless collaboration across platforms, and a way to easily distill data and information across multiple platforms to empower better, real-time decision-making – whether you’re using Procore or not.

Looking for more reasons to start using Procore with ProjectReady?

  • Using Procore, design teams can collaborate on Procore submittals and RFIs without having to learn Procore’s system. Simply use the familiar ProjectReady interface to respond to requests and maintain your Procore submittal log.
  • ProjectReady’s Procore integration helps you realize more value from your existing Procore cost per year than what’s listed out on your balance sheet. Because this incredible integration connects workflows across design and build teams, the Procore price is easily justified – even beyond your ability to tap in to the extensive Procore features already available.
  • Speaking of integrations, the Procore BIM 360 integration through ProjectReady has unlocked incredible insight across entire design and build teams. Improved collaboration and transparency has helped keep deadlines on track and budgets in check.

With ProjectReady’s Procore integration, users can connect and sync data and information to and from other popular platforms and systems regularly used throughout the AECO, including BIM360, Autodesk Construction Cloud, PlanGrid, Bluebeam, M365, and others.

How Does The ProjectReady-Procore Integration Work?

Easily access ProjectReady through your existing Procore subscription or login to Procore directly from ProjectReady within the context of your project or portfolio.

ProjectReady’s integration uses a series of governed workflows to manage the accessibility and synchronization of data. Data and information easily across Procore to BIM 360, Autodesk, Bluebeam, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, PlanGrid, Box, and others.

Install & Login

Simply install ProjectReady within your Procore environment to establish the connection. Then, use this connection to collaborate on project information and design files easily.

From the user-friendly ProjectReady interface, named project administrators can establish the connections between Procore and ProjectReady. Then, choose from a host of other systems to connect with on the project. Once connected, deploy connected workflows that pull in expertise from named architects, engineers, subs, and owners. All you need to make the connection is the proper credentials, your BIM 360 login, Plangrid login, etc.

With your entire team working from the same information and designs, you can streamline the workflow, automatically generate reports and audit logs, and, frankly, move the project across the finish line more efficiently than ever before.

See ProjectReady’s Procore Integration In Action

We’ve put together a series of videos to walk you through the integrated workflows ProjectReady has built to empower builders, designers, and owners to work together more efficiently.

To access these resources, simply fill out the form below and let us know which features are most important to you. Then, check your inbox for the link to see ProjectReady’s advanced Procore integration in action.