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New Releases From The ProjectReady Development Team  

ProjectReady’s development team works hard to bring our clients the most innovative and user-friendly solutions available. We believe the key to a truly collaborative project information management solution is being able to take feedback generated from our front-line users to build a tool that address the real-world challenges AECO teams face daily. So, to that end, we’ve introduced some exciting upgrades, features, and integrations over the last several months and want to take a moment to highlight some of our favorites.  Read on to learn about some of the development updates we’ve recently introduced.

Seamlessly Sync Across Platforms 

When different teams are working from various systems and sub-systems on any given project, migraines are bound to happen. But with ProjectReady in place as the project’s connective tissue, team members can effortlessly sync information across platforms in real time. Now, it doesn’t matter if the Revit file originated in BIM360, ProjectReady ensures that any updates are automatically synced in SharePoint and Procore and back again. 

More From Procore 

Speaking of Procore, ProjectReady has made some great strides to ensure builders, designers, and owners are on the same page. In addition to new advanced sync features, we’ve unveiled incredible document control integration and field mapping capabilities. Designers and owners no longer need their own instance of Procore to store authoritative content, establish an audit trail, review and comment on RFIs and submittals, and more. With ProjectReady as your connective tissue, you can: 

  • Sync project information to and from Procore in real time. 
  • Send RFIs and submittals to and from Procore for comment, approval, or publication. 
  • Add metadata values directly from Procore into ProjectReady submittals and RFIs. 

Master Your Project’s Metadata

Establishing control over your project’s metadata is essential for streamlining workflows and driving efficiency across the various platforms in play on a single project. Now, with ProjectReady, your project’s metadata is even more powerful. Newly deployed updates give you the ability to: 

  • Choose from pre-determined, project-based metadata templates. 
  • Access a greater menu of custom metadata solutions across projects and phases. 
  • Deploy a more robust and sophisticated document control package numbering solution. 
  • Streamline searches with improved filter capabilities. 

Worry Less About Your Workflows 

We’ve built out a series of intelligent workflows designed to automate and streamline the RFI and submittal process. Now, you get to choose who can view your project RFIs and submittals, in what order, and how they engage with the request. Route your workflows across pre-determined teams, by roles, or other criteria. Then, once your team has had a chance to review and weigh in, choose the authoritative answer prior to submitting to keep the project moving forward.   

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: More Development Updates Are On The Way 

In addition to what’s already been mentioned above, other exciting developments, have included: 

  • VIM integration 
  • Advanced key performance indicators (KPIs) management
  • Custom project-level cover sheets 
  • And so much more …

    But rather than asking you to read even more, we thought it would be more compelling to show you how all these developments and updates have come together to deliver an unparalleled user experience. 

    If you’d like to see the many ways ProjectReady is transforming they way project information is managed across the AECO, click here.  We can’t wait to knock your socks off with a risk-free demonstration of our solution and answer any questions you may have. In the meantime, check out this visual representation of ProjectReady to discover the many ways our collaborative project information management solution is helping project teams save time, reduce risk of litigation, ultimately, boosting their bottom lines.

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