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ProjectReady Procore Marketplace Listing Makes Collaborative Project Information Management Easier Across Construction & Design Teams

ProjectReady, a leading cloud-based project management and document control solution for the AECO, has enjoyed a robust partnership with Procore, a leading provider of construction management software, and has introduced integrations that promote improved collaborative project information management. The partnership between Procore and ProjectReady has helped both parties expand on core missions and value propositions. Additionally, inclusion of ProjectReady in the Procore Marketplace further helps the Procore mission of empowering users.

Another Step Toward Truly Connected Construction

The partnership between ProjectReady and Procore addresses the lack of cross-platform system interoperability – one of the biggest challenges currently facing the AECO.

Today, there are quite a few companies working toward their own interpretation of ideal connected construction and most approaches require users to adopt a common data environment (CDE). While CDEs allow different teams to work together and reduces the number of software silos at a high level, what users are left with are a handful of “super silos” that, due to competition in the marketplace, fail to integrate to eachother in a way that actually improves productivity and collaboration.

ProjectReady’s mission to bring true connected construction to the marketplace hinges on being able to agnostically bring various CDEs together, including Procore and the Autodesk Construction Cloud. Partnership with Procore and inclusion in the Procore app marketplace is key to the further development of an integrated data environment – or an IDE. Improved collaboration through integration is core to the development of an IDE that allows designers, builders, and owners to work together, bridge workflows, streamline communication and improve productivity.

Together, the cloud-based solutions ProjectReady and Procore provide users add incredible value to customers by delivering a single unified experience. The integration empowers users to connect and manage content and workflows across platforms. Simplified, repeatable, and governed user processes and governed by roles-based accessibility makes it easier for project teams to work together. Users gain improved transparency and collaboration across each project phase during the entire project lifecycle.

Procore Integration | Integrated Data Environment | ProjectReady

With ProjectReady’s Procore integration, users can:

    • Sync content back and forth between Procore, BIM 360, Autodesk Construction Cloud, SharePoint, BOX, and other systems
    • Automate the provisioning of modern SharePoint sites and streamline the management of Microsoft 365 security without IT assistance.
    • Seamlessly work across Procore and ACC by simultaniously creating information, e.g. RFIs, in both places at once
    • Quickly associate email messages and attachments to the project record while making email actionable
    • Retain access to all project information even after project close-out by allowing ProjectReady to automatically store all project information and transactional data back to your database – even if users no longer have access to Procore
    • Apply cross-platform governance at scale
    • Deploy advanced search that allows users to find information across all projects and platforms

ProjectReady also gives users the ability to deploy other cost- and time-saving measures, such as automated document generation, connected workflows, and others. ProjectReady’s complete cloud based solution drives value across AECO companies over the course of the project. Click here to view the full menu of features.

The ProjectReady solution is offered by app marketplace leaders, including Microsoft, Procore, and Autodesk.

NEW YORK, NY – January 13, 2016 – ProjectReady™, a leading cloud collaboration and document management platform announced its latest release for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) subscription model for the Architect, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry. The Company’s platform enables organizations worldwide to collaborate across the lifecycle of documents and projects from planning to delivery and operations. The platform is fully accessible via desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices, across a worldwide basis, 24 hours a day. In conjunction with the product release, the company also announced a new website to better align brand and communications strategy across the solution offering.

ProjectReady Founder and CEO Joe Giegerich stated, “As we worked with our existing customer base in the AEC industries over the last 3 years to address their unique needs, we recognized the need for ProjectReady to provide the freedom and power to access the information organizations require without IT involvement. This allows organizations to efficiently and easily manage entire project portfolios, while controlling documents, automating process and maintaining security and governance in the cloud.”

ProjectReady is designed for the business user to drive and execute directly, thus freeing IT professionals to focus on other high value enterprise initiatives. ProjectReady comes with a number of advantages geared towards the business including:

The self-service nature of ProjectReady sites allows end users to create and manage permissions to Project Sites without having to call IT, and even granting access to external users for collaboration, work with the SharePoint permissions screens and can interface directly with ProjectReady.

  • RFI, Transmittal and Submittal management with seamless integration to Microsoft Outlook
  • Project Management including resourcing, management and insight across all projects
  • Rich pre-configured reporting for real time analysis of project deliverables, document and delivery status and associated projects tasks
  • Workflows designed for industry best practices programmatically delivered across all
  • Automated Site Creation empowering end users to create and manage sites, control security, and to govern what access different groups have to the various project sites.

ProjectReady comes pre-built with project templates that you will be able to modify and configure based on end user’s requirements. When a new project is created, you will have access to the latest templates, metadata and workflow as defined centrally.

System Integration

ProjectReady includes prebuilt connectors to Deltek, Microsoft AX, SQL, Autodesk Vault, and local file systems out of the box. This will save IT having to write costly or complex connectors to authoritative systems on premises or in the cloud.

“In launching our new major construction project in London, ProjectReady was the perfect complement to our new IT infrastructure, providing a standard for collaboration and document control for future projects,” stated Phil Chatterton, Head of Information Services, Thames Water Utilities Limited – UK. “Using the ProjectReady, the organization is easily able manage transmittals and drive end-user adoption of the solution all without IT involvement.”