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Time Entry and Task Management with SharePoint and ProjectReady Central
Presentation Recorded: 05-01-2018

Join award winning business solution provider Gig Werks for a complimentary webcast to see how you can bring Time Entry & Task Management together inside SharePoint with ProjectReady.

It is hard enough to get your consultants to enter their time and manage tasks especially when for many organizations that means going to 2 different systems. During this webcast presentation, see how ProjectReady brings time & tasks together for your employees and consultants regardless if they’re internal or external to the organization.

End the content chaos around your project & bring your systems & resources together to get clear control & visibility of project progress, budgets, time & billing.

With Time and Task Management with SharePoint & ProjectReady you can:

  • Bring Time, Tasks & Billing together across the enterprise & external vendors
  • Easily enter & track time across all your projects and resources
  • Automate or easily import time entries into Project Accounting systems
  • Seamlessly review tasks and time before approving for billing or upload into your Project Accounting System
  • Drive significant savings with the elimination of unnecessary time modules & licensing for time entry
  • Gain insight into project progress & budgets
  • Manage & edit all your time entries in a single location across all projects you’re assigned to
  • Drive user adoption and efficiency
  • Deliver ROI & Value to your existing investments in Office 365 & SharePoint

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