End Content Chaos & Unify Systems in the Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) Industries

Part 1: Document Control - Managing Governed Documents Across Thousands of Projects

The Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industry’s expansive projects produce massive amounts of documents and data that, gone unmanaged, can result in wasted time, legal issues and ultimately affect the bottom line. Fortunately, with implementing a robust and easy to use document control program those problems can be solved.

Highlights Include:

  • Understanding the problems with hidden data
  • The difficulties and cost of trying to manage content across different systems
  • Getting your data accessible and out of silo's
  • The remedy to content chaos
  • Unifying business systems and information access across projects
  • Value of ProjectReady Document Control
  • Managing Documents, RFI's, Transmittals & Submittals easily across thousands of projects

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