Understand the Value and Return on Investment ProjectReady delivers with Business Systems and SharePoint integration as well as guaranteed scalability

End Content Chaos and Unify your business systems into a business solution

ProjectReady™ integrates your line of business systems, enabling a unified view of project information.  Bringing data from all the systems of your enterprise into one view increases efficiencies from consultants and drives user adoption. 

ProjectReady drives business value through repetitive and automated processes that are easy for users, while providing immediate visibility over the state of any concurrently running project. Organizations derive great benefit from ensuring timely scheduled billing thanks to the numerous compliance and project tracking capabilities built into our suite of tools.

Keep to your timeline and ensure proper billing

ProjectReady provides the tools and capabilities to track your RFIs, Transmittals, Submittals and Change Orders so that you can prove delivery by deadlines along with exactly what was communicated and delivered. ProjectReady automates business processes – a few of the ways that we save money for companies include:

  • provides a functional, usable collaborative solution for users to communicate that integrates with your business systems
  • frees up IT budget
  • ensures that the right people have the right access to the right data when they need it, preventing project slowdowns
  • enables proper resource allocation and planning
  • eases the load on document controllers, creating enterprise efficiencies

Cost-effective storage that doesn’t lock you in

Other project management tools that offer storage place your files and documents into proprietary storage formats; we don’t think your data should be held hostage for license renewal fees. Your data remains yours, whether stored in the Cloud or within your enterprise.

Guaranteed Scalability

ProjectReady is truly scalable –  supporting thousands of concurrent projects, with unlimited users. ProjectReady also allows rapid provisioning and de-provisioning of users, so cyclic growth and contractions of teams are easily absorbed.

Enduring Value

ProjectReady is subscription based, freeing you to focus on your project tasks and deliverables while the ProjectReady solution works to deliver the document control and data access that you need, when you need it. 

The ProjectReady team is constantly researching and developing ways to enhance the value and ease of use of our applications as well as develop new additional features that solve business problems.  Our in depth experience with customers in the AEC, Legal and professional services industries has enabled our team to constantly deepen and hone our industry knowledge.  As we respond to customer needs by developing new functionalities, we set the standard for features and processes and deliver a best in breed solution for the enterprise.

With a scheduled release cycle for new updates you consistently and automatically receive new features and modification throughout the life of the applications, ensuring that you always have the latest & greatest of what’s available from ProjectReady and the added benefit of new functionalities as they are developed without any additional cost to you and your team.

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