ProjectReady delivers project email management, allowing you to create & manage emails, tasks & RFI’s Directly from Microsoft Outlook

Bringing it all Together with Microsoft Outlook Integration

Create & Manage RFI’s & Change Orders Directly from Microsoft Outlook

Manage inbound requests for information (RFI) & Change Orders sent via email, while maintaining full continuity & use of ProjectReady Document Control. As external vendors & clients email you pertinent project information, users can easily create & track an RFI or change order to manage it across its full life cycle & across all projects without ever leaving the Outlook client.

Assign Tasks from Outlook –
Make Email Actionable

Email is an essential part of any project. With ProjectReady, you can make your email ACTIONABLE and easily assign tasks from directly inside Outlook to the corresponding resource & project. This delivers a seamless user experience & drives built in reporting, ensuring nothing is missed when managing your project.

ProjectReady Microsoft Outlook connector - rfi and email management directly from outlook
Microsoft outlook integration for document control and email management

Simplified Email &
Attachment Management

Easily save emails and attachments to project sites and make the content of emails actionable by describing and assigning tasks related to email correspondences. Our workflows and reporting will provide the control and visibility required to manage this essential project content.

Tag & Route Email to Any Library in Outlook

Save your emails not only to your project sites but to any library you have in your SharePoint environment. This extends the use of the Microsoft Outlook connector, ensuring information is saved where it should be easily without leaving the Outlook interface.

Email Management

Avoid saving the same email twice to your project site. ProjectReady ensures you don’t have any duplicate emails in the system, keeping your data clean and stopping redundant data from entering your system.

Learn More about Microsoft Outlook Integration with ProjectReady

Check out our Webcast Demonstration: Project Email & Task Management with Microsoft Outlook & SharePoint

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