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Document Control, Management & Distribution
with ProjectReady Central

Centrally Create, Track & Manage RFI's, Transmittals, Submittals & Change Orders

Centrally manage & create RFI’s, Transmittals, Submittals & Change Orders, securely delivered inside and outside your organization for review and approval. Internal and external collaboration is made easy with on-demand delivery of documents and advanced workflows built-in to uphold standards for controlling documents and ensure conformance so that contractual demands are met.

Simplified Document Package Creation Across Libraries & Document Repositories

Simplify the assembly of document packages across systems including Autodesk BIM 360 (Learn More About BIM 360 Integration), SharePoint and File Systems with an easy-to-use shopping cart experience for searching, sorting and filtering through thousands of Project Documents and Drawings whether your content lives in your project sites, local files systems, or any content library.

PR Central - Create Document Communication
PR Central - Create Document Communication - Shopping Cart

Create & Manage RFI’s & Email Directly from Outlook

Un-silo project information locked inside your email so when external vendors and clients email you a request for information or pertinent project information, you can easily create & track the RFI or tag emails to be routed as needed.

Automated Cover Sheet Generation & Distribution

Automatically produce Cover Sheets for all document communication package including RFI, Transmittals & Submittals. This ensures an automated distributable and record of everything included in your communication.

Reporting & Visibility Across Document Communications

ProjectReady produces a robust set of automated and focused reporting – detailing the package type, status and dates of the documents that have been transmitted and to whom. Document controllers and users gain easy access to critical project info on all of the documents in and out of the enterprise.

ProjectReady Microsoft Outlook connector - rfi and email management directly from outlook
DC - Reporting

Ensure & Enforce Uniformity Based on Best Practices

Receipt and sign-off of document communications are managed using Workflow and External E-mails all while maintaining security and governance. ProjectReady delivers flexibility & control for delivery of your content with multiple pre-defined workflow options, unlimited approver support and the ability to easily set expiration and due dates across all your packages.

Easily Resubmit and Reassemble Document Control Communications

Forgot to add a document or an approver to your Transmittal, Submittal or RFI? With ProjectReady Central, easily resubmit with the added information with no need to restart the process generating enormous time savings.

Default Permission Templates for Approvers in Document Control

Have a group of approvers you typically send your Document Control communications to? Easily save that group to avoid the re-assembling of users getting your document control communications out quickly and to the appropriate people.

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