CADtoWIN – Managing CAD Documents in ProjectReady & SharePoint

CADtoWIN, a ProjectReady Solution Partner, seamlessly integrates with ProjectReady Central to manage Autodesk and Revit Files inside SharePoint and ProjectReady project sites. Contact Us to see how you can add CADtoWIN to your ProjectReady Central Solution or SharePoint.

Managing CAD in ProjectReady & SharePoint with CADtoWIN

projectready-cad-side-menuCADtoWIN allows you to manage Autodesk and Revit Files in a single repository. The goal was to minimize user impact and ensure that documents and drawings are worked on in their native applications directly from the ProjectReady project site.

CADtoWIN also grants engineering and architecture firms the benefits of tracking change history so as to provide an easy review of changes over time, and allow for easy identification of who made what changes when.

With CADtoWIN deployed to the cloud, firms are free to reduce their on premise infrastructure and overhead, with cloud collaboration easing communications among offices with disparate locations.

CADtoWIN supports the latest versions of AutoCAD/AutoCAD LT, Revit, DWG TrueView and Design Review.

projectready-cad-ribbon-menuKey Features
  • Version Control: Publish, check in and check out your AutoCAD/Revit files and track your draft versions. You can open, restore and delete your versions within your AutoCAD/Revit and corresponding verticals applications, enabling protection of your working files.
  • Offline check out within AutoCAD or Revit:  Allows you to work offline and faster, by using your local folders. In addition, your drawing's external references will be loaded locally. Once you’re back online, you can update your drawing changes to the ProjectReady™ project site.
  • Metadata support from your AutoCAD or Revit: Organize your drawings by setting built-in or custom properties; search your drawings by using powerful metadata search.
  • Fast and easy to install: CADtoWIN is a very efficient AutoCAD/Revit plug-in. There is no need to install anything on your server. CADtoWIN installs in less than a minute and does not interfere with your AutoCAD/Revit application performance.

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