ProjectReady - Document control, email management & Enterprise project management system for project driven organizations connecting SharePoint, Office 365 and BIM 360

Visibility & Control for Project-Driven Organizations

Professional Services Organizations need a single, unified platform to collaborate and manage project and program life cycles and maintain control of documents.  The ProjectReady™ suite of applications is a solution that allows you to integrate all project data into functional, actionable, easy to use tools that enable users to effectively manage their projects and programs while retaining full control.

ProjectReady™ – Making Projects Succeed

ProjectReady has been designed to minimize the time and effort required to manage the collaborative nature of project management, and to maintain strict document control so that you can do what you do best.

We understand and anticipate your unique needs – and put in the time to create ProjectReady so you don’t have to think about how you manage your project, you can simply focus on managing it properly.

Keep your team on the same page with dynamic reports and project visibility

Project requirements are managed and achieved automatically by ProjectReady – preventing deficiencies and maintaining compliance and contractual commitments throughout the project engagement.

ProjectReady recognizes the challenge of active engagement and helps teams minimize reporting requirements by providing top management on demand or scheduled reporting and visibility on key project milestones and progress. We do this while adhering to high standards that ensure consistency and compliance across thousands of concurrently running projects.

Communications and Client Engagement

Within Professional Services organizations time is money.  With ProjectReady, you no longer need to waste billable time manually preparing and distributing reports, project documentation and collateral. ProjectReady aggregates information from within the suite of applications and across the enterprise from other Line of Business systems – ending content chaos.

Governed, simple, intuitive and guaranteeing the same result, every time – ProjectReady automates the secure communication of project related information with internal and external stakeholders in a single location.  From the client, to vendors to members of your organization, all correspondences and interactions are clearly tracked, fully visible and easily found – where they should be.

Make the most of your Team

ProjectReady gives clear visibility and automatic notifications for Project Mangers to keep their project moving and team billing. Match resources and skills to projects, maintain schedules and drive revenue. With simplified project reporting and resourcing tools; team members, tasks and items are tracked, reported and managed across all ongoing projects.

Manage Project Deliverables

Tasks and the documentation required to define and satisfy a projects contractual demands and related impact to milestones and revenue is critical: with ProjectReady you can track contributions over time and utilize built-in reports to ensure that submissions are duly executed. Challenges to submissions or missed deadlines are a thing of the past.

Effective Resource Planning

ProjectReady allows Project managers to view resource allocation and associated tasks across multiple concurrent projects, enabling re-allocation to be made at any time and dynamically applied to related documents.  This real time functionality greatly increases productivity and efficiency for firms managing multiple projects and teams comprised of various consultancies and external members.

Reduce the time spent on chasing paper

ProjectReady minimizes documentation efforts related to scheduling by automating workflows and ensuring appropriate tagging of metadata.

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