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ProjectReady DCNext is the latest iteration of ProjectReady’s document control solution that addresses the challenges of the submittal process through automation, collaboration through connection & the use of systems you already own.

Uniquely a modern & fully cloud based solution; ProjectReady drives process across your systems (SharePoint, BIM 360 & Box), to register content, review content & submit content for approval with automated logging, reporting & cover sheets for full visibility into your process.

Learn how to reduce risk and routine tasks from hours to minutes and get more value from what you already own with a secure, scalable and affordable solution.

DCNext Features Include:

  • Create, Distribute & Track Document Control communications & approvals across connected systems (SharePoint, Autodesk BIM 360 & Box)
    • Submit Project Content
    • Submit Content for Approval (internally & externally)
    • Create RFIs
    • Create Change Orders
  • Quickly & easily remove redundant and inefficient manual processes
  • Manage RFI’s and Change Order requests directly from Microsoft Outlook
  • Eliminate the time spent (and wasted) on finding the right project documents, with the correct version across all these systems
  • Gain Visibility & Auditability (Track, Log & Report) across the lifecycle of document control communications
  • Automate the generation of Cover Sheets & Transmittals
  • Group and assign project documents for easy review & approval by project stakeholders inside and outside your organization
  • Establish enterprise communication standards that are consistent, reliable, and repeatable across every project throughout the enterprise
  • Automate the creation & connection of the platforms your team needs to create, work, & collaborate on content (SharePoint, Autodesk BIM 360, Microsoft Teams & Box)

See DCNext in Action in this On-Demand Video

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