ProjectReady connects Autodesk BIM 360 docs, inclusive of Autodesk & Revit files, for use in Document Control Packages with SharePoint & Office 365

Connect the Autodesk Cloud, SharePoint & Office 365 to create, send & track RFI's, Transmittals, Submittals & Change Orders

The ProjectReady Autodesk Cloud Connector connects content from the Autodesk cloud, inclusive of Autodesk and Revit files, directly with ProjectReady Central for use in the Creation & Management of Transmittals, RFI’s, Submittals and Change Orders with SharePoint & Office 365.

Connecting your Autodesk Cloud content with ProjectReady Central for Document Control and Distribution:

  • Seamlessly Access, Filter & Leverage all your Autodesk Cloud content (including AutoCAD & Revit Files)
  • Connect content from BIM 360, SharePoint, Office 365 & File Folders into any document control package (Transmittal, RFI, Submittal and Change Order)
  • Access content from all your BIM 360 Projects, Accounts, Folders & Sub-Folders
  • See a 2-Dimensional preview of your documents and drawings directly from ProjectReady before adding to your document control package
  • Automated Cover Sheets and built-in workflows ensure controlled, secure delivery of your content, internal & external of the organization.
  • Reporting and Tracking of your distributed BIM 360 content
ProjectReady-Central-Screenshot-BIM 360 Preview
ProjectReady-Central-Screenshot-BIM 360 Source

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Autodesk BIM 360

Check Out Our On-Demand Video Demonstration: Document Control with Autodesk BIM 360, SharePoint and Office 365

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